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Opera Nova (Achille Marozzo)

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Opera Nova
A New Work
Opera Nova Marozzo.jpg
Full Title A New Work by Achille Marozzo
of Bologna, General Master of
the Art of Arms
Also Known as The Art of Arms of Achille
Marozzo of Bologna
Author(s) Achille Marozzo
Illustrated by Unknown
Dedicated to Count Rangoni
Place of Origin Bologna, Italy
Language Italian
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publication Date 1536, 1546, 1550, 1568, 1615
Pages 296 pages

Opera Nova ("A New Work") is a Bolognese fencing manual written by Achille Marozzo and printed in 1536.[1] This is the most extensive and significant treatise on the Dardi (or "Bolognese") style of Italian swordsmanship, as well as one of the most influential fencing manuals of the 16th century.

Publication History

Opera Nova was first printed in Modena in 1536 by D. Antonio Bergolae. Older fencing bibliographies have made reference to an earlier edition in 1517, but this has recently been disproven.[2] The treatise was reset and reprinted in Bologna in 1546, and reprinted again in Venice in 1550 using the original typeset. In 1567-68 it was reprinted in Venice again, but this time based on the 1546 Bologna printing.

A revised edition was released by Marozzo's son Sebastiano in 1568 under the title Arte dell'Armi di Achille Marozzo Bolognese ("The Art of Arms of Achille Marozzo of Bologna"). This edition featured corrections to the text (but omitted additions made in the 1546 printing) and replaced the original woodblock images with smaller copperplates by Giovanni Battista Fontana; it was printed in Venice in 1568 by Antonio Pinargenti, and reprinted in Verona in 1615.

There are a few references in fencing bibliographies to a French translation titled Livre d'escrime pour apprendre a tirer de l'espée et de toutes armes blanches, published in Lyon in 1580 by Pierre Mareschal, but there are no records of any copies ever existing and it seems likely that these references are spurious.


Ir - VIIv Preface and Dedication by Achille Marozzo
1r - 14v Introduction, Sword and Buckler by Achille Marozzo
15r - 54r Side Sword, Sword with Secondary Weapons by Achille Marozzo
54v - 80v Greatsword by Achille Marozzo
81r - 90r Pole Weapons by Achille Marozzo
90v - 148r Advice on Dueling, Unarmed vs. Dagger by Achille Marozzo


Woodblock Images (1536)

Marozzo 1.png
Marozzo 2.png
Marozzo 3.png
Marozzo 4.png
Marozzo 5.png
Marozzo 6.png
Marozzo 7.png
Marozzo 8.png
Marozzo 9.png
Marozzo 10.png
Marozzo 11.png
Marozzo 12.png
Marozzo 13.png
Marozzo 14.png
Marozzo 15.png
Marozzo 16.png
Marozzo 18.png
Marozzo 19.png
Marozzo 20.png
Marozzo 21.png
Marozzo 22.png
Marozzo 23.png
Marozzo 24.png
Marozzo 25.png
Marozzo 26.png
Marozzo 27.png
Marozzo 28.png
Marozzo 29.png
Marozzo 30.png
Marozzo 31.png
Marozzo 32.png
Marozzo 33.png
Marozzo 34.png
Marozzo 35.png
Marozzo 36.png
Marozzo 37.png
Marozzo 38.png
Marozzo 39.png
Marozzo 40.png
Marozzo 41.png
Marozzo 42.png
Marozzo 43.png
Marozzo 44.png
Marozzo 45.png
Marozzo 46.png
Marozzo 47.png
Marozzo 48.png
Marozzo 49.png
Marozzo 50.png
Marozzo 51.png
Marozzo 52.png
Marozzo 53.png
Marozzo 54.png
Marozzo 55.png
Marozzo 56.png
Marozzo 57.png
Marozzo 58.png
Marozzo 59.png
Marozzo 60.png
Marozzo 61.png
Marozzo 62.png
Marozzo 63.png
Marozzo 64.png
Marozzo 65.png
Marozzo 66.png
Marozzo 67.png
Marozzo 68.png
Marozzo 69.png
Marozzo 70.png
Marozzo 71.png
Marozzo 72.png
Marozzo 73.png
Marozzo 74.png
Marozzo 75.png
Marozzo 76.png
Marozzo 77.png
Marozzo 78.png
Marozzo 79.png

Copperplate Images (1568)

Marozzo 1568 1.jpg
Marozzo 1568 2.jpg
Marozzo 1568 3.jpg
Marozzo 1568 4.jpg
Marozzo 1568 5.jpg
Marozzo 1568 6.jpg
Marozzo 1568 7.jpg
Marozzo 1568 8.jpg
Marozzo 1568 9.jpg
Marozzo 1568 10.jpg
Marozzo 1568 11.jpg
Marozzo 1568 12.jpg
Marozzo 1568 13.jpg
Marozzo 1568 14.jpg
Marozzo 1568 15.jpg
Marozzo 1568 16.jpg
Marozzo 1568 17.jpg
Marozzo 1568 18.jpg
Marozzo 1568 19.jpg
Marozzo 1568 20.jpg
Marozzo 1568 21.jpg
Marozzo 1568 22.jpg
Marozzo 1568 23.jpg
Marozzo 1568 24.jpg
Marozzo 1568 25.jpg
Marozzo 1568 26.jpg
Marozzo 1568 27.jpg

Additional Resources

  • Marozzo, Achille and Rapisardi, Giovanni (in Italian). Achille Marozzo, Opera Nova dell'Arte delle Armi. Padova, Italy: Gladiatoria, 1999.
  • Marozzo, Achille. Opera nova dell'Arte delle armi. Rome: Il Cerchio Iniziative Editoriali, [no date].


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