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Fabian von Auerswald

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Fabian von Auerswald
Born 1462
Died ca. 1537
Occupation Wrestling master
Patron John Frederick zu Saxony
Genres Wrestling manual
Language Early New High German
Notable work(s) Ringer Kunst (1539)
Manuscript(s) 2° Codex MS Philos. 62 (ca. 1539)
Concordance by Michael Chidester

Fabian von Auerswald (1462 - after 1537) was a 16th century German wrestling master. He served as wrestling master to Elector John Frederick of Saxony, and mentions in his introduction that he instructed the children of the Elector and of members of the court in wrestling. In 1537, he completed an extensive treatise on grappling, which was later illustrated by Lucas Cranach and published posthumously in 1539. This treatise saw wide circulation and was the foundation for Paulus Hector Mair's treatment of the subject in his own fencing manuals of the 1540s.


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