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Johann Georg Pascha

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Johann Georg Pascha
Born 9 September 1628
Dresden, Germany
Died 4 September 1678
Magdeburg, Germany
Spouse(s) Annen Margarethen
  • Johann Pascha (father)
  • Magdalena Frauenstein (mother)
Occupation Fencing master
Language New High German
Notable work(s) See below
Manuscript(s) MS Dresd.C.13 (?) (1671)

Johann Georg Pascha (Pasch, Pasche, Paschen, Passchen; 1628-1678) was a 17th century German fencing master and one of the most prolific authors on fencing of his time. He wrote at least fourteen books on military subjects including grappling, fencing with the pike, rapier, staff, and spear, musketry, cutting, and various gymnastic exercises.

The following is a list of Pascha's known works:[1]


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