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Filippo Dardi

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Filippo di Bartolomeo Dardi
Born late 1300s
Died 1464
Relative(s) Bartolomeo Dardi (father)
Nationality Italian
Alma mater University of Bologna
Influenced Guido Antonio di Luca (?)

Filippo Dardi (died 1464)[1] was a 15th century Italian fencing master. He was an expert not only on fencing, but also astrology, astronomy, geometry, and mathematics.[2] The son of Bartolomeo (or Dardo) Dardi, he was probably Bolognese by birth (though records exist of a Spanish Lippo Dardi teaching at the University of Bologna between 1444 and 1453).[citation needed]

In 1412, Dardi was licensed as a fencing master and opened a school in Bologna (in via Pietralata);[2] beginning in 1443, he received an annual stipend of 150 lire from the city in exchange for reducing his fees.[3] In 1434, he seems to have written a treatise on fencing and geometry, and was subsequently given a professorship in geometry at the University of Bologna.[1]

Dardi is often credited as the founder of the Bolognese school of swordsmanship, though this can't be demonstrated from available information; he may simply be the earliest fencer from Bologna whose name is well-known.

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