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Guido Antonio di Luca

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Guido Antonio di Luca
Born 15th century
Died 16th century
Occupation Fencing master
Nationality Italian
Citizenship Bologna, Italy
Movement Dardi School
Notable work(s) Opera lo Schermo (?)
Archetype(s) MSS Ravenna M-345/M-346 (?)

Guido Antonio di Luca was a 15th century Italian fencing master. He seems to have lived in the parish of Santa Maria delle Muratelle,[citation needed] and his students included such great Bolognese masters as Antonio Manciolino[citation needed] and Achille Marozzo,[1] as well as such famous warriors as Giovanni dalle Bande Nere (Lodovico de Medici) and the Count Guido Rangoni.[1] Indeed, Marozzo wrote wrote of di Luca that "from his school came more warriors than from the belly of the Trojan Horse."[1] He is known to have written a fencing manual around the turn of the 16th century, which has since been lost. The anonymous Bolognese MSS Ravenna M-345/M-346 have been equated with this lost treatise by Rubboli and Cesari, but the attribution remains unconfirmed.

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