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Gregor Erhart Fechtbuch (MS E.1939.65.354)

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Gregor Erhart Fechtbuch
MS E.1939.65.354, Glasgow Museums
Glasgow, United Kingdom
MS E.1939.65.354 003v.jpg
Also known as Codex I.6.4º.4
Date 1533
Place of origin Augsburg, Germany
Language(s) Early New High German
Scribe(s) Gregor Erhart (?)
Illustrated by Gregor Erhart
Material Paper, with a leather cover
Size 227 folia (?)
Format Double-sided; illustrations on
the verso side, sometimes with
text above
Script Bastarda
External data Library catalog entry

The MS E.1939.65.354 is a German fencing manual created by Gregor Erhart in 1533.[citation needed] The original currently rests in the R. L. Scott Collection of the Glasgow Museums in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The manuscript consists of two parts. The first half is a series of sketches, including a copy of the longsword devices of Jörg Wilhalm Hutter; the second is a compilation of common treatises from the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer. It appears that the sketches were originally drawn on larger sheets of paper which were then bisected to form the current page size.

This manuscript was later acquired by Freifechter Lienhart Sollinger, who subsequently sold it to Paulus Hector Mair; both men seems to have used it as a source for their respective anthologies of fencing treatises.


The known provenance of the MS E.1939.65.354 is:[1]

  • Compiled and illustrated in 1533 by Gregor Erhart.
  • before 1560 – owned by Lienhart Sollinger (sold Augsburg, 1560).
  • 1560-1579 – owned by Paulus Hector Mair (sold Augsburg, auction, 1579).
  • before 1935 – acquired by the Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg in Augsburg, Germany, classified Codex I.6.4º.4 (sold Munich, Karl & Faber, 1935).
  • 1935-1939 – owned by Robert Lyons Scott (1871-1939).
  • 1939 – part of the R. L. Scott Collection, donated to the Glasgow Museums in Glasgow, Scotland.


1rv, 2v - 3r Front Matter
2r, 3v - 83v Longsword by Jörg Wilhalm Hutter
84r - 98v Dagger by Gregor Erhart (?)
99v - 110v Grappling by Gregor Erhart (?)
111r - 144v Messer by Johannes Lecküchner
167r ["Die VII Stend des Langen Spiesz"]
167v - 170v Epitome by Johannes Liechtenauer
170v - 171v Longsword by Nicolaüs Augsburger (fragment)
172rv Longsword by Jobst von Württemberg
172v - 178r Messer by Jobst von Württemberg
178r - 179r Dagger by Jobst von Württemberg
179v - 189r Longsword by Nicolaüs Augsburger (fragment)
189r - 196v Grappling by Ott Jud
196v - 227r Anonymous dagger treatise


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  1. Based on the information on folio 3r.