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Gregor Erhart Fechtbuch (MS E.1939.65.354)

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Gregor Erhart Fechtbuch
MS E.1939.65.354, Kelvingrove Museum
Glasgow, United Kingdom
MS E.1939.65.354 001r.jpg
Also known as Codex I.6.4º.4
Date 1533
Place of origin Augsburg, Germany
Language(s) Early New High German
Scribe(s) Gregor Erhart (?)
Illustrator(s) Gregor Erhart
Material Paper, with a leather cover
Size 227 folia (217 mm × 155 mm)
Format Double-sided; illustrations on the verso
side, sometimes with text above
External data Museum catalog entry

The MS E.1939.65.354 is a German fencing manual created by Gregor Erhart in 1533.[1] The original currently rests in the R. L. Scott Collection of the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The manuscript consists of two parts. The first half is a series of sketches, including a copy of the long sword pieces of Jörg Wilhalm; the second is a compilation of common treatises from the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer. It appears that the sketches were originally drawn on larger sheets of paper which were then bisected to form the current page size.

This manuscript was later acquired by Freifechter Lienhart Sollinger, who subsequently sold it to Paulus Hector Mair; both men seems to have used it as a source for their respective anthologies of fencing treatises.


The known provenance of the MS E.1939.65.354 is:[2]

  • Compiled and illustrated in 1533 by Gregor Erhart.
  • before 1560 – owned by Lienhart Sollinger (sold Augsburg, 1560).
  • 1560-1579 – owned by Paulus Hector Mair (sold Augsburg, auction, 1579).
  • before 1935 – acquired by the Universitätsbibliothek Augsburg in Augsburg, Germany, classified Codex I.6.4º.4 (sold Munich, Karl & Faber, 1935).
  • 1935-1939 – owned by Robert Lyons Scott (1871-1939).
  • 1939 – part of the R. L. Scott Collection, donated to the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, Scotland.


1rv, 2v - 3r Front Matter
2r, 3v - 83v Long sword by Jörg Wilhalm
84r - 98v Dagger by Gregor Erhart (?)
99v - 110v Grappling by Gregor Erhart (?)
111r - 144v Messer by Johannes Lecküchner
167r ["Die VII Stend des Langen Spiesz"]
167v - 170v Recital on the long sword by Johannes Liechtenauer
170v - 171v Gloss of Liechtenauer's Recital on the long sword by Nicolaüs (fragment)
172rv Long sword by Jobst von Württemberg
172v - 178r Messer by Jobst von Württemberg
178r - 179r Dagger by Jobst von Württemberg
179v - 189r Gloss of Liechtenauer's Recital on the long sword by Nicolaüs (fragment)
189r - 196v Grappling by Ott Jud
196v - 227r Anonymous dagger treatise


Front Cover
Inside Cover
Folio 1r
MS E.1939.65.354 001r.jpg
Folio 1v
MS E.1939.65.354 001v.jpg
Folio 2r
Folio 2v
Folio 3r
MS E.1939.65.354 003r.jpg
Folio 3v
MS E.1939.65.354 003v.jpg
Folio 4r
Folio 4v
Folio 5r
Folio 5v
MS E.1939.65.354 005v.jpg
Folio 6r
Folio 6v
Folio 7r
Folio 7v
Folio 8r
Folio 8v
Folio 9r
Folio 9v
Folio 10r
Folio 10v
Folio 11r
Folio 11v
Folio 12r
Folio 12v
Folio 13r
Folio 13v
Folio 14r
Folio 14v
Folio 15r
Folio 15v
Folio 16r
Folio 16v
Folio 17r
Folio 17v
Folio 18r
Folio 18v
Folio 19r
Folio 19v
Folio 20r
Folio 20v
Folio 21r
Folio 21v
Folio 22r
Folio 22v
Folio 23r
Folio 23v
Folio 24r
Folio 24v
Folio 25r
Folio 25v
Folio 26r
Folio 26v
Folio 27r
Folio 27v
Folio 28r
Folio 28v
Folio 29r
Folio 29v
Folio 30r
Folio 30v
Folio 31r
Folio 31v
Folio 32r
Folio 32v
Folio 33r
Folio 33v
Folio 34r
Folio 34v
Folio 35r
Folio 35v
Folio 36r
Folio 36v
Folio 37r
Folio 37v
Folio 38r
Folio 38v
Folio 39r
Folio 39v
Folio 40r
Folio 40v
Folio 41r
Folio 41v
Folio 42r
Folio 42v
Folio 43r
Folio 43v
Folio 44r
Folio 44v
Folio 45r
Folio 45v
Folio 46r
Folio 46v
Folio 47r
Folio 47v
Folio 48r
Folio 48v
Folio 49r
Folio 49v
Folio 50r
Folio 50v
Folio 51r
Folio 51v
Folio 52r
Folio 52v
Folio 53r
Folio 53v
Folio 54r
Folio 54v
Folio 55r
Folio 55v
Folio 56r
Folio 56v
Folio 57r
Folio 57v
Folio 58r
Folio 58v
Folio 59r
Folio 59v
Folio 60r
Folio 60v
Folio 61r
Folio 61v
Folio 62r
Folio 62v
Folio 63r
Folio 63v
Folio 64r
Folio 64v
Folio 65r
Folio 65v
Folio 66r
Folio 66v
Folio 67r
Folio 67v
Folio 68r
Folio 68v
Folio 69r
Folio 69v
Folio 70r
Folio 70v
Folio 71r
Folio 71v
Folio 72r
Folio 72v
Folio 73r
Folio 73v
Folio 74r
Folio 74v
Folio 75r
Folio 75v
Folio 76r
Folio 76v
Folio 77r
Folio 77v
Folio 78r
Folio 78v
Folio 79r
Folio 79v
Folio 80r
Folio 80v
Folio 81r
Folio 81v
Folio 82r
Folio 82v
Folio 83r
Folio 83v
Folio 84r
Folio 84v
Folio 85r
Folio 85v
MS E.1939.65.354 085v.jpg
Folio 86r
Folio 86v
MS E.1939.65.354 086v.jpg
Folio 87r
Folio 87v
MS E.1939.65.354 087v.jpg
Folio 88r
Folio 88v
MS E.1939.65.354 088v.jpg
Folio 89r
Folio 89v
MS E.1939.65.354 089v.jpg
Folio 90r
Folio 90v
MS E.1939.65.354 090v.jpg
Folio 91r
Folio 91v
MS E.1939.65.354 091v.jpg
Folio 92r
Folio 92v
MS E.1939.65.354 092v.jpg
Folio 93r
Folio 93v
MS E.1939.65.354 093v.jpg
Folio 94r
Folio 94v
MS E.1939.65.354 094v.jpg
Folio 95r
Folio 95v
MS E.1939.65.354 095v.jpg
Folio 96r
Folio 96v
MS E.1939.65.354 096v.jpg
Folio 97r
Folio 97v
MS E.1939.65.354 097v.jpg
Folio 98r
Folio 98v
MS E.1939.65.354 098v.jpg
Folio 99r
Folio 99v
MS E.1939.65.354 099v.jpg
Folio 100r
Folio 100v
MS E.1939.65.354 100v.jpg
Folio 101r
Folio 101v
MS E.1939.65.354 101v.jpg
Folio 102r
Folio 102v
MS E.1939.65.354 102v.jpg
Folio 103r
Folio 103v
MS E.1939.65.354 103v.jpg
Folio 104r
Folio 104v
MS E.1939.65.354 104v.jpg
Folio 105r
Folio 105v
MS E.1939.65.354 105v.jpg
Folio 106r
Folio 106v
MS E.1939.65.354 106v.jpg
Folio 107r
Folio 107v
MS E.1939.65.354 107v.jpg
Folio 108r
Folio 108v
MS E.1939.65.354 108v.jpg
Folio 109r
Folio 109v
MS E.1939.65.354 109v.jpg
Folio 110r
Folio 110v
MS E.1939.65.354 110v.jpg
Folio 111r
Folio 111v
Folio 112r
Folio 112v
Folio 113r
Folio 113v
Folio 114r
Folio 114v
Folio 115r
Folio 115v
Folio 116r
Folio 116v
Folio 117r
Folio 117v
Folio 118r
Folio 118v
Folio 119r
Folio 119v
Folio 120r
Folio 120v
Folio 121r
Folio 121v
Folio 122r
Folio 122v
Folio 123r
Folio 123v
Folio 124r
Folio 124v
Folio 125r
Folio 125v
Folio 126r
Folio 126v
Folio 127r
Folio 127v
Folio 128r
Folio 128v
Folio 129r
Folio 129v
Folio 130r
Folio 130v
Folio 131r
Folio 131v
Folio 132r
Folio 132v
Folio 133r
Folio 133v
Folio 134r
Folio 134v
Folio 135r
Folio 135v
Folio 136r
Folio 136v
Folio 137r
Folio 137v
Folio 138r
Folio 138v
Folio 139r
Folio 139v
Folio 140r
Folio 140v
Folio 141r
Folio 141v
Folio 142r
Folio 142v
Folio 143r
Folio 143v
Folio 144r
Folio 144v
Folio 145r
Folio 145v
Folio 146r
Folio 146v
Folio 147r
Folio 147v
Folio 148r
Folio 148v
Folio 149r
Folio 149v
Folio 150r
Folio 150v
Folio 151r
Folio 151v
Folio 152r
Folio 152v
Folio 153r
Folio 153v
Folio 154r
Folio 154v
Folio 155r
Folio 155v
Folio 156r
Folio 156v
Folio 157r
Folio 157v
Folio 158r
Folio 158v
Folio 159r
Folio 159v
Folio 160r
Folio 160v
Folio 161r
Folio 161v
Folio 162r
Folio 162v
Folio 163r
Folio 163v
Folio 164r
Folio 164v
Folio 165r
Folio 165v
Folio 166r
Folio 166v
Folio 167r
MS E.1939.65.354 167r.jpg
Folio 167v
MS E.1939.65.354 167v.jpg
Folio 168r
MS E.1939.65.354 168r.jpg
Folio 168v
MS E.1939.65.354 168v.jpg
Folio 169r
MS E.1939.65.354 169r.jpg
Folio 169v
MS E.1939.65.354 169v.jpg
Folio 170r
MS E.1939.65.354 170r.jpg
Folio 170v
MS E.1939.65.354 170v.jpg
Folio 171r
MS E.1939.65.354 171r.jpg
Folio 171v
Folio 172r
Folio 172v
Folio 173r
Folio 173v
Folio 174r
Folio 174v
Folio 175r
Folio 175v
Folio 176r
Folio 176v
Folio 177r
Folio 177v
Folio 178r
Folio 178v
Folio 179r
Folio 179v
Folio 180r
Folio 180v
Folio 181r
Folio 181v
Folio 182r
Folio 182v
Folio 183r
Folio 183v
Folio 184r
Folio 184v
Folio 185r
Folio 185v
Folio 186r
Folio 186v
Folio 187r
Folio 187v
Folio 188r
Folio 188v
MS E.1939.65.354 188v.jpg
Folio 189r
MS E.1939.65.354 189r.jpg
Folio 189v
MS E.1939.65.354 189v.jpg
Folio 190r
MS E.1939.65.354 190r.jpg
Folio 190v
MS E.1939.65.354 190v.jpg
Folio 191r
MS E.1939.65.354 191r.jpg
Folio 191v
MS E.1939.65.354 191v.jpg
Folio 192r
MS E.1939.65.354 192r.jpg
Folio 192v
MS E.1939.65.354 192v.jpg
Folio 193r
MS E.1939.65.354 193r.jpg
Folio 193v
MS E.1939.65.354 193v.jpg
Folio 194r
MS E.1939.65.354 194r.jpg
Folio 194v
MS E.1939.65.354 194v.jpg
Folio 195r
MS E.1939.65.354 195r.jpg
Folio 195v
MS E.1939.65.354 195v.jpg
Folio 196r
MS E.1939.65.354 196r.jpg
Folio 196v
MS E.1939.65.354 196v.jpg
Folio 197r
Folio 197v
Folio 198r
Folio 198v
Folio 199r
Folio 199v
Folio 200r
Folio 200v
Folio 201r
Folio 201v
Folio 202r
Folio 202v
Folio 203r
Folio 203v
Folio 204r
Folio 204v
Folio 205r
Folio 205v
Folio 206r
Folio 206v
Folio 207r
Folio 207v
Folio 208r
Folio 208v
Folio 209r
Folio 209v
Folio 210r
Folio 210v
Folio 211r
Folio 211v
Folio 212r
Folio 212v
Folio 213r
Folio 213v
Folio 214r
Folio 214v
Folio 215r
Folio 215v
Folio 216r
Folio 216v
Folio 217r
Folio 217v
Folio 218r
Folio 218v
Folio 219r
Folio 219v
Folio 220r
Folio 220v
Folio 221r
Folio 221v
Folio 222r
Folio 222v
Folio 223r
Folio 223v
Folio 224r
Folio 224v
Folio 225r
Folio 225v
Folio 226r
Folio 226v
Folio 227r
Folio 227v
Inside Cover
Back Cover

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  1. According to folio 1r.
  2. Based on the information on folio 3r.

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