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shal in few words be last of all laid open vnto you.

Deceits or Falsings of the single Sword, or single Rapier

AS I take not Victorie to be the end and scope of falsing, but rather nimblenes of bodie and dexteritie in plaie: So, casting aside the consideration how a man is either couered or discouered, and how he hath more or lesse aduantage) I saie that there maie be framed at the single sword so manie wards, as there be waies how to moue the arme hand and foot.

Therefore in falsinge there may bee framed the high, lowe, and brode warde, with the right foote behind and before: a man may beare his sword witht the poynt backewardes and forwardes: he may beare his right hand on the left sid, with his swords poynt back wards: he may stand at the low warde with the point backewardes and forwardes, bending towardes the grounde. And standing in all these waies, he may false a thrust aboue, and force it home beneath: and contrarie from beneth aboue, he may false it without and deliuer it within, or contrariwise.

And according to the saide manner of thrusting he may deliuer edge-blowes, right, reuersed, high and lowe, as in that case shal most aduantage him. Farther he may false an edgeblow, and deliuer it home: as for example, to false a right blowe on highe, and deliuer home a right and reuerse blowe, high or lowe. In like sortthe reuerse is falsed, by deliuering right or reuerse blowes, high or lowe.