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the dagger in deede at the enimies face. In which chaunce or occasion, it is necessarie that he haue the skill how to sticke the dagger with the poynt. But yet howsoeuer it chaunce, the comming of the dagger in such sort, doth so greatly trouble and disorder the enemie, that if a man step in nimbly, he may safely hurt him.

These deceits and falses, of the sword and dagger, may be warded according as a man findes it most commodious either with the sworde, or els with the dagger, not regarding at all (as in true arte) to defend the left side with the dagger, and the right sid with the sword: For in this false arte men consider not either of aduantage, time, or measure, but alwaies their manner is (as soone as they haue found the enimies sword) to strike by the most short waie, be it either with the edge, or point, notwithstanding the blowe be not forcible, but onely touch weakely & scarslv: for in plaie, so it touch any waie, it is accounted for victorie.

Concerning taking holdfast, or seising the enimies sword, I commend not in any case, that seisure be made with the left hand, by casting a way of the dagger as else where I haue seene it practised: but rather that it be done keeping the sword and dagger fast in hand. And although this seeme vnpossible, yet euery one that is nimble & strong of arme, may safely do it. And this seisure is vsed aswell vnder an edgeblowe, as vnder a thrust in manner following.

When the edgeblowe or thrust commeth aboue, it must be incountred with the sword without, on the third or fourth parte of the enimies sword, and with