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the dagger borne within, on the first or second parte thereof hauing thus sodenly taken the enimies sword in the middle, to turne forciblie the enimies sword outwardes with the dagger, keeping the sword stedfast, and as streight towards the enimie as is possible by meanes whereof it may the more easely be turned. And there is no doubt but the enimies sworde may be wrong out of his hand, and looke how much nearer the poynt it is taken, so much the more easelie it is turned or wrested outwards, because it maketh the greater circle, and the enimie hath but smal force to resist that motion.

Of Sword and Cloke, or Rapier and Cloke.

FOR to disceyue the enimie with the cloake, it is necessarie to know how many waies it may serue the turne, and to be skilfull how to fould it orderly about the arme, and how to take aduantage by the largenes thereof: and farther to vnderstand how to defend, and how to offend and hinder the enimie therewith, because it fales not out alwaies, that men fight with their cloake wrapped about the arme, and the sword in hand, Therefore it is the parte of a wise man, to knowe also how to handle the cloake after any other manner.

Wherefore one may get the aduātage of the cloke, both when it is about his bodie, and when it is folded about his arme: The cloke being about the arme in this maner. When it chaunceth any man to bicker