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a man may not either render false for false, or take holdfast of the weapon. And although it might bee done, I commend it not, because it is a verie difficult matter to extort a weapon that is holden fast with both handes. That therefore which one may doe to defend himselfe, is to haue recourse vnto true Art, remembring so to warde the enimies falce, as if it were a true blowe, and to strike before the enimie spend an other time, in deliuering his resolute thrust, And to take heede in deliuerie of his blowes, that he be nimble and carrie his bodie and armes so aptlie and orderlie applied, that the weapon wherewith he striketh may couer it wholy.

And here I make an ende of disceit, in practising of the which, there is this consideration to be had, so, alwaies to false, that if the enimie prouide not to ward, it may reach & hit home, becaus being deliuered in such order, it loseth but little time.

The ende of the false Arte.

How a man by priuat practise may obtain strength of bodie therby

IF nature had bestowed strength vpon men (as manie beleeue) in such sorte as she hath giuen sight, hearing and other sences, which are such in vs, that they may not by our endeuour either be encreased, ordiminished, it should be no lesse superfluous, then ridiculus to teach howe strength should be obtained, then it were if one should say, he would instruct a man how to heare and see better then he doth alreadie by nature. Neither albeit he that becommeth a Painter or a Musition seeth the propor-