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uenture to ouercome rather by disceit then true manhood) haue found out a new maner of skirmishing ful of falses and slips. The which because it some what and some times preualeth against those who are either fearfull or ignorant of their groundes and principals, I am constrayned to diuide this Art into two Arts or Sciences, callinge thone the True, the other, the False art: But withall giuing euerie man to vnderstand, that falsehood hath no aduauntage against true Art, but rather is most hurtfull and deadlie to him that vseth it.

Therefore casting away deceit for this present, which shal hereafter be hādled in his proper place and restraining my selfe to the truth, which is the true and principall desier of my hart, presupposing that Iustice (which in euerie occasion approcheth neerest vnto truth) obteineth allwaies the superioritie, I say whosoeuer mindeth to exercise himselfe in this true and honorable Art or Science it is requisite that he be indued with deep Iudgement, a valiant hart and great actiuitie, In which thre qualities this exercise doth as it were delight, liue and florish.

Of the Sword.

ALbeit Wepons aswel offensiue as defensiue be infinite, because all that whatsoeuer a man may handle to offend an other or defend himselfe, either by flinging or kepinge