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warde. And as the enimie commeth resolutely determined to thrust within, he must as soone, or more redily then he, encrease a left pace, and with the right side of his Target close in the enimies sword, between it and his owne sworde, and then to enter perforce, & thrust either betweene the two Targets or els vnder them, with the increase of a pace of the right foote.

But if the enimie come without, he must encrease the selfe same slope pace, & with the right side of his Target beat off the point of the enimies sword, & then thrust either aboue, either beneath, as in that occasion it shal be most for his aduantage with the increase of the pace of the right foote. And when in consideration of the aboundant defence of the Target, he may neither increase his paces, nor deliuer a thrust, he must settle himselfe in the lowe warde with the right foote behinde, which ward I will largely handle in the treatise of deceite or falsing, being as it were his proper place, here ending the true handling of the sword and square Target.

Of the Sword and rounde Target.

THE round Target would require a long & a most exquisite consideration because it is of circuler forme, most capable, and most perfect of all others. But for that my purpose in this my worke, is to write that only which I know doth appertaine to this Arte, giuing leaue to euery man to busie him selfe in his owne profession. And leauing a great part of this con-