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Trattato in Materia di Scherma (Marco Docciolini)

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Trattato in Materia di Scherma
Treatise on Matters of Defense
Trattato in Materia di Scherma.png
Title page of the 1601 edition
Author(s) Marco Docciolini
Dedicated to Don Giovanni de' Medici
Place of origin Florence, Italy
Language Italian
Genre(s) Fencing manual
Publisher Michelagnolo Sermartelli
Publication date 1601
Pages 116
Treatise scans

Trattato in Materia di Scherma ("Treatise on Matters of Defense") is an Italian fencing manual written by Marco Docciolini and printed in 1601. It treats the use of the side sword, both alone and with secondary weapons, and is similar enough to the 15th century writings of Francesco di Sandro Altoni to suggest the existence of a distinct Florentine fencing style.

Publication History

Trattato in Materia di Scherma was first published in Florence, Italy, in 1601 by Michelagnolo Sermartelli.



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Transcription Steven Reich Private communication