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Items in red have not yet been verified with the holding library.


Manuscript Purgatory is for works that we have not yet indexed for one reason or another.

M Title Year Signature Author Location Notes
No The Book of Feats of Arms and Chivalry before 1430 Lots Christine de Pisan BnF, etc. https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=epXQh7B1w20C









En: http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.rbc/rosenwald.0570

De: http://resolver.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de/SBB000017D900000000

No De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi ca. 1480s Philippo di Vadi Vatican Library Possible second copy of De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi (MS Vitt.Em.1324)
Yes Il Disegno Del signor Cesare Pagano, Cavaliere Nopoletano, su'l vero Teatro di Marte, Per la Teorica della Schrimia, All' Altezza, di Don Ferdinando, de Medeci, Gran Duca di Toscana 1592 Cesare Pagani Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze (XIX, 194, Magliabecchiana)

This is mentioned by Gelli. It is dated 1592, and Cesare declares himself a relative (possibly a nephew) of Marcantoio Pagano, who published his treatise in 1553.

This is a weird one. It is in a good state of conservation, written in a beautifully clear hand and in a mostly not too obtuse Italian. The who thing was quite pricey to scan so I ordered the first 1/3 (which came to over 150 pages) to have a look and never followed up the next 2/3 as it is 99% irrelevant to the practical study of fencing. Instead it is literally stuffed with classical references but also observations about the natural world and sundry other digressions; there are no techniques and only scattered pieces of very general fencing advice.

Yes Libro de las grandezas de la espada(?) 1616 Ms Aa298 Palais Liechtenstein Archiv http://fechtgeschichte.blogspot.com/2017/04/transkription-der-handschrift-aa-298.html
Yes Nueva ciencia y filosofía de la destreza de las armas 1625 Mss/9038 Luis Pacheco de Narváez Biblioteca Nacional de Espana Manuscript of Nueva Ciencia, which wasn't published until 1672.


No Compendio y Philosophia y Dztreza de las Armas 1625 Octavio Ferrara Traced by Archibald Corble in the early 20th century to create the MS R4-B274.


No Abregé de l'exercice des armes[. Necéssaire à la jeunesse de savoir, pour pouvoir se deffendre avec son espée] 1767 MS E.1939.65.459 G. Belfin RL Scott

Luxembourg (place of manufacture)

Paper, vellum
Manuscript entitled, 'Abrege De L'Exercice Des Armes', by G Belfin.
Published Luxembourg, 1767.
Subject classification: Fencing - French, 18th century. Bookplate with coat of arms
No Traite Des Armes 1797 MS E.1939.65.489 Theophile-Malo Corret de La Tour D'Auvergne RL Scott Manuscript by author, 'Traite Des Armes', by Theophile-Malo Corret De La Tour D'Auvergne.
Published 1797.
Subject classification: Fencing - French, 18th century NB letter inside giving history of this MS, Rouen, 1900 Also typed paragraph about the book
No 18th century Ms. Dresd. 469 Dominique Quenin, Maitre d'Armes de S.M.I. SLUB 84 figures of fencers. Watercolor illustrations. 18th century, quarto, 48 folios. (Probably smallsword, but impossible to tell.)
No 18th century Ms. Dresd. 491 SLUB Jeux d'Epee en figures. ("Game of the Sword, Illustrated.") Painted illustrations. 18th century, 25 folios.


The Manuscript Morgue is for manuscripts that seem to have existed at one time, but for which we currently have no solid information or leads.

M Title Year Signature Author Location Notes
No Die Art und Weise, anzugreifen und zu verteidigen (?) ca. 1295 Francesco Giacomo Guglielmo and Filippo Del Serpente Language and state of existence unknown.
No 1434 Filippo di Bartolomeo Dardi Lost
No Opera de Scherma 1532 Guido Antonio di Luca Lost
No “M. Pauls Liechtenawer von Venedig Fechtbuech. Anno 1548 beschriben Worden” 1548 Stat III, Nr. 25 (24) J. Acutt: Die Gründung der Münchener Hofbibliothek durch Albrecht V. and Johann Jakob Fugger (Vol. 28, Issue. 3, 1918, p.418); Prommers Katalog (p. 132). Location unknown

No Rast Fechtbuch ca. 1549 Antonius Rast Purchased at auction by Paulus Hector Mair, used to create the Reichstadt Nr. 82 in 1553.
No 1556 Johannes Bierchenauwer (?) 19th century facsimile possibly exists
No 1557 Johannes Liechtenauer et al. Stadtarchiv Biel In 1968, there was an exhibition at the Schweizerische Turn- und Sportmuseum in Basel on fencing in art. It included a manuscript from 1557 described as containing the teachings of Liechtenauer, which was contributed by the Stadtarchiv Biel. This manuscript is not listed in any of the fencing manual catalogs, and the description given in the article matches no manuscript that we're aware of.


When Jens Kleinau pointed this article out, Jurg Gassman and I (but more him) began making inquiries; after several weeks and speaking to every institution that might possibly have information about this (and tracking down one of about ten remaining copies of the exhibition publication), we've found nothing but dead ends.


No Cabinet d'escrime de l'espee et poingnardt 1585 Captain Peloquin Source for MS KB.73.J.39