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Historical European Martial Arts Federations

These organizations vary in their legal status and comprehensiveness, but may serve as points of contact if you are looking for local schools, clubs, and other resources for learning Historical European Martial Arts.

WMAA logo.png
Western Martial Academies of Australia
ÖFHF logo.png
Österreichischer Fachverband für Historisches Fechten
SBSN logo.png
Societas Belgarum Scientiae Nobilis
HEMABr logo.png
Associação Brasileira de Artes Marciais Históricas Européias
CAS logo.png
Czech Republic
Česká asociace šermířů
FFAMHE logo.png
Fédération Française des Arts Martiaux Historiques Européens
AGEA logo.png
Galicia (Spain)
Asociación Galega de Esgrima Antiga
DDHF logo.png
Deutscher Dachverband Historischer Fechter
Hellenic Federation logo.png
Ελληνική Ομοσπονδία
MHS logo.png
Magyar Hosszúkardvívó Sportszövetség
VADI logo.png
Vnione Arti Dimicatorie Italia
H.E.M.A.-bond logo.png
H.E.M.A.-bond Nederland
FEDER logo.png
Polska Federacja Dawnych Europejksich Sztuk Walki
FPEH logo.png
Federação Portuguesa de Esgrima Histórica
HEMAFS logo.png
Historical European Martial Arts Federation of Slovenia
AEEA-FEEH logo.png
Asociación Española de Esgrima Antigua
Federación Española de Esgrima Histórica
SvHEMAF logo.png
Svenska HEMA-förbundet
SFHEMA logo.png
Swiss Federation for Historical European Martial Arts
BFHS logo.png
United Kingdom
British Federation for Historical Swordplay

Map of HEMA Schools and Clubs

This map is intended to be a representation of the entire Historical European Martial Arts community, not to infer affiliation or suggest membership in the HEMA Alliance. The purpose of this training partner Finder is to be a service to the HEMA community and to demonstrate the rich diversity and depth of the Historical European Martial Arts movement. Click a map below to connect to the full-size interactive version. Note that the images on this page are not up-to-date. You should click on the relevant map for current group information.

Eastern North America

North America east map.png

Western North America

North America west map.png

Latin America

Latin America map.png

British Isles

British Isles map.png

Western Europe

Western Europe map.png

Northern Europe

Northern Europe map.png

Central Europe

Central Europe map.png


Italy map.png

Southern Europe

Southern Europe map.png

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe map.png

Africa, Asia, and Oceania

Australia map.png