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Debrecener Ringbuch (MS R.605)

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Debrecener Ringbuch
MS R.605, Tiszántúli Református Egyházkerület Nagykönyvtár
Debrecen, Hungary
R.605 140v.png
Folio 140v
Type Wrestling manual
Date 1469-1474
Language(s) Early New High German
Author(s) Unknown
Compiler Unknown
Material Paper in a blind-tooled leather cover
Size 140 folia (110 mm x 78 mm)
Format Double-sided, with black and red ink
Script Bastarda

The Debrecener Ringbuch (MS R.605) is miscellanea manuscript containing a German wrestling manual, created between 1469 and 1474. The original currently rests in the holdings of the Tiszántúli Református Egyházkerület Nagykönyvtár in Debrecen, Hungary. This manuscript consists mostly of recipes for food, medicine, dyes, and other useful chemicals. The back side of the final folio contains the wrestling teachings.



1r - 32v Various Latin and German recipes, mostly for dyeing
33r - 73v Excerpts from Gottfried von Franken's fur book
73v - 116v Recipes for cooking
110r - 112r Esdra's prophecies (in Latin)
114r - 116r Treatise on brandy
117r - 130r Recipes for dying
133r - 140r "Horse pharmacopeia" (Rossarzneibuch) by Master Albrant


Folio 140v
R.605 140v.png

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