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Octavio Ferrara

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Octavio Ferrara
Born date of birth unknown
Zaragoza, Spain
Died after 1625
Occupation Fencing master
Nationality Spanish
Patron Don Juan Ferdinando, Baron of
Movement La Verdadera Destreza
Genres Fencing manual
Language Spanish
Notable work(s) Compendio y Philosophia y
Dztreza de las Armas
Archetype(s) Currently lost (1625)
Manuscript(s) MS R4-B274 (1900s)
Concordance by Michael Chidester

Octavio Ferrara was a 17th century Spanish fencing master. He seems to have been a resident of Zaragoza, Spain, and in ca. 1624 he was active in Madrid as Master at Arms.[1] The dedication of his treatise suggests that he might have been attached at some point to the court of Don Juan Ferdinando, Baron of Grünburg. In 1625, he wrote a brief illustrated fencing manual entitled Compendio y Philosophia y Dztreza de las Armas ("Compendium of the Philosophy and Skill at Arms"). The original manuscript has been lost, but is preserved in a 20th century tracing.


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