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Pablo de Paredes

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Pablo de Paredes
Born date of birth unknown
Died after 1599
Occupation Fencing master
Movement Esgrima común
Language Spanish

Pablo de Paredes (Paulo de Paredes) was a late 16th century Spanish fencing master. Little is known of this master's life, but he seems to have been the Head Master of Arms (Maestro Mayor) to the royal court of Spain in 1599. There he instructed Jehan L'Hermite, a Belgian and one of the prince's tutors, in the use of the montante and double side swords. The only known record of Paredes' teachings is a passage in L'Hermite's memoir, which records twelve rules for the montante but indicates that he had forgotten the double sword teachings.


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  1. A Talho is a forehand blow.
  2. A Revez is a backhand blow.
  3. Vuelta could be a turn of the sword or the body, depending on context.
  4. Cenido is probably analogous to the Portuguese cingido. I translated cingindo as circling in the Memorial, but there is likely more to it than that. Cegando is probably "sawing", meaning slicing not chopping (Capoferro uses this term as well), but it could also mean "blinding". Figueiredo doesn't give us enough info to clearly define it. I like firm-footed too, but in several traditions that term is used to describe a lunge, meaning that one foot is firm instead of both moving. That's my only reason for using "standing still".