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Talhoffer Fechtbuch (Cod.icon. 395)

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Talhoffer Fechtbuch
Cod.icon. 395, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
Munich, Germany
MS Chart.A.558 002r.png
An image from the 1443 manuscript
Date ca. 1820
Language(s) Early New High German
Scribe(s) Unknown
Author(s) Hans Talhoffer
Size 151 folia (?)
Format Double-sided; one illustration
per side, with text above
Script Bastarda (?)
Exemplar(s) MS Chart.A.558 (1443)

The Codex Icononografico 395 was copied in ca. 1820 from the MS Chart.A.558, a German fencing manual created by Hans Talhoffer in 1443. The original currently rests in the holdings of Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich, Germany.



These contents are from the 1443 manuscript, from which it was copied.

2r - 4v Long sword by Hans Talhoffer
5r - 17r Ueber die Erhaltung des Sieges by Johannes Hartlieb
18r - 20v Bloßfechten by Johannes Liechtenauer
21av - 23r Roßfechten by Johannes Liechtenauer
24v - 48r Longshield by Hans Talhoffer
48v Kampffechten by Johannes Liechtenauer
49r - 72r Armored fencing by Hans Talhoffer
72v - 76v Poleaxe by Hans Talhoffer
81r - 101v Dagger by Hans Talhoffer
109v - 114v Wrestling by Ott Jud
116v - 132v Wrestling by Hans Talhoffer
141r - 148v Anonymous war book


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