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Fiore de'i Liberi/Dagger/9th master

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Novati Translation Complete translation by Michael Chidester
Getty Translation Complete translation by Colin Hatcher

Paris Translation Draft translation by Kendra Brown and Rebecca Garber
Morgan Translation Complete translation by Michael Chidester

Morgan Transcription (1400s) [edit]
by Michael Chidester

Getty Transcription (1400s) [edit]
by Michael Chidester

Pisani Dossi Transcription (1409) [edit]
by Francesco Novati

Paris Transcription (1420s) [edit]
by Kendra Brown and Rebecca Garber

Pisani-Dossi MS 12a-d.png

[100] From this grip that I have I can do many plays.
Take away the dagger, break, strike or bind.
And the quickest is to take the dagger from your hand,
so as to avoid any risk of harm from the player.

I am the Ninth King [and Dagger Remedy Master] and I no longer have a dagger. And this grip that I make from the low attack is similar to the grip made by the Fourth King [and Dagger Remedy Master], only this one is made against the low attack instead of the high attack, and my plays are not the same as his. This grip is good whether in armor or unarmored, and from it you can make many good strong plays, as shown below. Whether in armor or unarmored there is no doubt of their effectiveness.

Pisani-Dossi MS 12a-e.png

[101] If I rotate the dagger close to your elbow,
Your dagger will be mine for certain.

I have followed on from the presa of the Ninth [Dagger Remedy] Master. Taking my right hand from the grip, I seize your dagger as shown and I rotate it upwards close to your elbow. And I will then thrust the point into your face for certain, or I will deal with you as the next student will demonstrate.

Pisani-Dossi MS 12b-c.png
MS Ludwig XV 13 18r-a.jpg

[102] The first student of this Master
Takes away the dagger and makes this play.

I complete the play of the student who came before me, and from his grip this is how he should finish his play. Other students will make different plays from his grip. Watch those who follow, and you will see their techniques.

The student will perhaps be able to make this play of that master [of yours],
And would have snatched the powerful dagger away.

[In the Paris, the Scholar wears a Master's crown.]

Pisani-Dossi MS 12b-b.png

[103] I can dislocate your arm like this,
And I can also bind you in the lower bind.

My Master's grip has already been demonstrated. Here my right hand leaves his grip. And if I grip you under your elbow, I can dislocate your arm. And also from this grip I can put you into a bind, namely the “strong key” [lower bind], which is one the third King and [Dagger Remedy] Master showed in his plays In his sixth play [38] he shows you how this one is done.

[In the Getty, the Scholar's right foot is forward.]

I can truly dislocate your shoulder in this same way;
Furthermore, I can lead to using the lower key.

[In the Paris, the Scholar wears a crown.]

Pisani-Dossi MS 12b-a.png

[104] If I can give your arm a half turn,
You will quickly find yourself in the lower bind.

I have arrived at this position from the grip of my Master [Ninth Dagger Remedy Master], and I do not remain in this grip but move into the lower bind, also known as the “strong key.” This I can do without difficulty, and I can then easily take your dagger.

[In the Getty, the Scholar's right foot is forward.]

I prepare to take away your life using the
Lower bind, if by chance I can twist your shoulder.

[In the Paris, the Scholar wears a crown.]

MS Ludwig XV 13 18r-d.jpg
Pisani-Dossi MS 12a-f.png

[105] Without releasing my grip I enter underneath your arm,
And from behind your shoulder I will hurt you grievously.

I have not abandoned the grip of my Master [the Ninth Dagger Remedy Master], but I have quickly entered under his right arm, to dislocate it with this grip. I can do this whether he is wearing armor or not, and once I have him held from behind and in my power, I will show him no mercy as I hurt him.

Behold! I crossed beneath the shoulder during play,
And furthermore, I left behind the taking. But I will burden the back.

Pisani-Dossi MS 12b-d.png

[106] Although this play is not often employed,
It can be done well, if you practice it.

I did not abandon the grip of my Master [the Ninth Dagger Remedy Master] and the Zugadore saw that he could not break my grip on his arm. And as he pressed downwards towards the ground with his dagger, I quickly reached through his legs from behind and grabbed his right hand with my left hand. And once I had a good grip on his hand, I passed behind him. And as you can see in the picture, he cannot dismount his own arm without falling. And I can now also do the play that follows me. If I let go of the dagger with my right hand, and I grab his foot I will send him crashing to the ground, and I cannot fail to take his dagger.

It is granted that this play could scarcely be learned by this art,
Yet this one honestly succeeds by means of the practiced man.

MS Ludwig XV 13 18v-b.jpg

[107] The student who preceded me performed the first part of this play, and I make the finish by driving him into the ground, as has already been explained. Although this play is not commonly performed in the art, I wish to show you that I have a complete knowledge of it.

Cod.1324 31r-c.png
MS Ludwig XV 13 18v-c.jpg

[108] I made the cover of my Master [the Ninth Dagger Remedy Master] and then quickly I gripped him in this way with my left hand. And then I drew my dagger and thrust it into his chest. And if I do not have time to draw my dagger, I will make the play that follows me.

MS Ludwig XV 13 18v-d.jpg

[109] With this play I complete the play of the student who preceded me, who left his [sheathed] dagger where it was and instead decided to take your live dagger. I have already explained how this play is performed.

[No Image]

[110] The Counter-remedy to this Ninth [Dagger Remedy] Master's play is as follows: when the Zugadore with his left hand has seized your right hand that has the dagger, then you should quickly seize your dagger near the point and strongly draw or pull it back towards you so that he has to let go of it, or alternately press the dagger point into his elbow to make him think twice.

  1. There's a marginal note that's hard to interpret: "n p o" or perhaps "R P O".
  2. "vidi" appears twice, but neither is struck out.