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Medieval European Martial Arts Guild

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Medieval European Martial Arts Guild
Website http://www.memag.net
Members 30-40
Founders Cory Winslow, Joshua Reptsik, &
John Bax
Head instructor Cory Winslow
Instructors Cory Winslow, Betsy Winslow, Joshua Hawley, John Bax, Kris Urs, Nick Murro, Stephen Cheney. (Retired: Chuck Wyatt, Joshua Reptsik, Robert Koulakjian)

The Medieval European Martial Arts Guild, or MEMAG, is a Historical European Martial Arts school founded in 2006, with branches in Luray - Virginia, Salisbury - Maryland, and Maple Shade - New Jersey, as of 2016.


The MEMAG is an organization consisting of three historical fencing schools which instruct students in the fighting system developed by the 14th century German fencing Grandmaster, Johannes Liechtenauer. We place a high emphasis on the study of historical texts and the practice of techniques contained therein as the foundation of our training. It is our goal to educate our students and the public about HEMA, as well as train our students to be efficient Martial Artists of which Meister Liechtenauer himself would have been proud.



  • General Lessons
  • The Five Hews
  • The Twelve Hauptstuecke and Additional Teachings


  • General Lessons
  • The Six Hews
  • The Seventeen Hauptstuecke and Additional Teachings

Staff (Pending Creation)

Dagger/Ringen (Pending Creation)

Elective Disciplines

  • Sword and Buckler
  • Poleaxe
  • Rappier
  • Sickle
  • Peasant Staff
  • Halberd
  • Jaegerstock


Along with NYHFA and the xKDF Network, MEMAG is a host of the annual Fechtschule New York event in New York State. In addition to this, founding member Cory Winslow is a Board Member of the annual Longpoint HEMA Tournaments and Workshops in Maryland.


MEMAG is a member of the HEMA Alliance.

Academic work

Translations and Transcriptions

Videos on Youtube