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Zulaufenden ringen

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Zulaufenden ringen
Wrestling on the run
Author(s) Unknown
Date early 16th century
Genre Wrestling manual
Language Early New High German
State of Existence Original hypothetical, two copies exist
Concordance by Michael Chidester
Translations Finnish translation

Zulaufenden ringen ("Wrestling on the run") is an anonymous German wrestling manual from the early 16th century. The first known version appears in the MS Dresd.C.487, dated to 1504-1519. It was also included in a now-lost manuscript from 1539 which was documented by Karl Wassmannsdorff in 1870.[1] In both cases, these devices are preceded by a fragment of the second half of the treatise of Ott Jud, though there is no other evidence connecting them to Ott.


Though the Dresden is older, the order of plays below follows Wassmannsdorff as the more extensive version.

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  1. Wassmannsdorff, Karl. Die Ringkunst des deutschen Mittelalters. Liepzig: Priber, 1870. pp 190-192.
  2. Zulauffen
  3. leibringen
  4. “Wie wohl”.
  5. “zwir” means “Zweimal”.
  6. Wassmannsdorff (1870, 191, 1) tells us that “es ist ein Fehler, durch größere Anstrengung (hier: Wortreichthum) etwas zu Stande zu bringen, wofür eine geringere genügt.”
  7. elbow-joint
  8. “setz”?
  9. An ink stain has made part of the word illegible.
  10. “bei”.
  11. “berührt das Einlaufen”.
  12. Wassmannsdorff's text concludes with "push him with your right hand underneath his". The rest of the play is only found in the Dresden.