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Pol Hausbuch (MS 3227a)

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Pol Hausbuch
MS 3227a, Germanisches Nationalmuseum
Nuremberg, Germany

MS 3227a 13v.jpg
MS 3227a 14r.jpg
ff 13v - 14r
Type Commonplace book
Date ca. 1400s
Compiler Unknown
Material Paper and parchment, in a leather
Size 169 folia (105 mm × 145 mm)
Format Double-sided, with black and red ink
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The Nicolas Pol Hausbuch (MS 3227a, sometimes called the Nuremberg Hausbuch) is a German commonplace book (or Hausbuch in German) thought to have been created some time between 1389 and 1532.[1] The original currently rests in the holdings of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg, Germany. It is sometimes erroneously attributed to Hans "Hanko" Döbringer,[2] when in fact he is but one of the four authors of a brief addendum to Johannes Liechtenauer's art of long sword fencing, which is also the only fencing material in the manuscript that appears in any other fencing manual. The rest of the manuscript is a typical example of a commonplace book, containing a variety of unrelated writings on mundane and esoteric topics, including fencing and grappling, but for this reason, the anonymous author of the rest of the fencing material is sometimes known as Pseudo-Hans Döbringer. Pseudo-Döbringer's writings seem to consist of commentary on and expansion of the teachings of Liechtenauer, and it is even speculated that he was still alive at the time of the writing.[3]

Christian Tobler argues that it is unjustified to assume a date of 1389 based purely on the presence of a century-long calendar.[4] The eclectic nature of commonplace books means that the calendar could easily have been an old calendar or even a future one. As the date of the Pol Hausbuch is also used to estimate the time period of Liechtenauer's career, this is a significant error. (Using it to date Liechtenauer is further complicated by the fact that even if he were alive when the fencing treatise was written, the version in this manuscript is potentially a later copy rather than the original.)[5] An upper limit on the origin of the manuscript is often estimated based on the date in the front cover, which seems to indicate that Nicolaus Pol owned it in 1494, but that's a misinterpretation Pol received his doctorate in 1494, and all books from his library follow his name with "Doctor, 1494".



1r - 5v Liber Ignium by Marcus Graecus
6r Recipes for powders used for painting
6v - 10v Latin recipes (paint, alchemy, medicine)
11r - 12r Von dem herten by "Master Alchemy"
12v - 13r Alchemical recipes in Latin
13v - 17v Fencing advice by Pseudo-Hans Döbringer
18r - 40r Gloss of Liechtenauer's long sword by Pseudo-Hans Döbringer
43r - 52v Long sword by Andres Juden, Jobs von der Nyssen, Nicklass Prewßen, and "the Priest" Hans Döbringer
53r - 59v Recital on mounted fencing by Johannes Liechtenauer
60r - 61r Recital on short sword by Johannes Liechtenauer
64r - 65r Conclusion of the teachings of Liechtenauer by Pseudo-Hans Döbringer
66v - 67r Astrological texts, magical and medicinal recipes, name magic
68r - 73v Astrological texts, magical and medicinal recipes, name magic
74r Sword and buckler teachings by Pseudo-Hans Döbringer
74v - 77v Recipes for paint, tumors, metal and ivory treatment
78r Staff teachings by Pseudo-Hans Döbringer
79r - 81v Miscellaneous Latin recipes, treatment of gems, preparation of a miraculous potion
82rv Messer teachings by Pseudo-Hans Döbringer
83v Interval between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday for years 1390-1495
84r - 85r Dagger teachings by Pseudo-Hans Döbringer
85r - 85v, 86v Magical recipes
86r, 87r - 89r Grappling teachings by Pseudo-Hans Döbringer
90v - 91v Medical Recipes for the Mouth and Teeth
92r - 161v Various alchemical recipes, food recipes, nonsense recipes, in various hands
109r, 113v, 119v - 120r
161v - 165v "Horse pharmacopeia" (Rossarzneibuch) by Master Albrant
166r - 169v Index to the recipes in the manuscript, partly illegible


Cover 1
MS 3227a Cover 1.jpg
Cover 2
MS 3227a Cover 2.jpg
MS 3227a Ir.jpg
MS 3227a Iv.jpg
MS 3227a IIr.jpg
MS 3227a IIv.jpg
Folio 1r
MS 3227a 1r.jpg
Folio 1v
MS 3227a 1v.jpg
Folio 2r
MS 3227a 2r.jpg
Folio 2v
MS 3227a 2v.jpg
Folio 3r
MS 3227a 3r.jpg
Folio 3v
MS 3227a 3v.jpg
Folio 4r
MS 3227a 4r.jpg
Folio 4v
MS 3227a 4v.jpg
Folio 5r
MS 3227a 5r.jpg
Folio 5v
MS 3227a 5v.jpg
Folio 6r
MS 3227a 6r.jpg
Folio 6v
MS 3227a 6v.jpg
Folio 7r
MS 3227a 7r.jpg
Folio 7v
MS 3227a 7v.jpg
Folio 8r
MS 3227a 8r.jpg
Folio 8v
MS 3227a 8v.jpg
Folio 9r
MS 3227a 9r.jpg
Folio 9v
MS 3227a 9v.jpg
Folio 10r
MS 3227a 10r.jpg
Folio 10v
MS 3227a 10v.jpg
Folio 11r
MS 3227a 11r.jpg
Folio 11v
MS 3227a 11v.jpg
Folio 12r
MS 3227a 12r.jpg
Folio 12v
MS 3227a 12v.jpg
Folio 13r
MS 3227a 13r.jpg
Folio 13v
MS 3227a 13v.jpg
Folio 14r
MS 3227a 14r.jpg
Folio 14v
MS 3227a 14v.jpg
Folio 15r
MS 3227a 15r.jpg
Folio 15v
MS 3227a 15v.jpg
Folio 16r
MS 3227a 16r.jpg
Folio 16v
MS 3227a 16v.jpg
Folio 17r
MS 3227a 17r.jpg
Folio 17v
MS 3227a 17v.jpg
Folio 18r
MS 3227a 18r.jpg
Folio 18v
MS 3227a 18v.jpg
Folio 19r
MS 3227a 19r.jpg
Folio 19v
MS 3227a 19v.jpg
Folio 20r
MS 3227a 20r.jpg
Folio 20v
MS 3227a 20v.jpg
Folio 21r
MS 3227a 21r.jpg
Folio 21v
MS 3227a 21v.jpg
Folio 22r
MS 3227a 22r.jpg
Folio 22v
MS 3227a 22v.jpg
Folio 23r
MS 3227a 23r.jpg
Folio 23v
MS 3227a 23v.jpg
Folio 24r
MS 3227a 24r.jpg
Folio 24v
MS 3227a 24v.jpg
Folio 25r
MS 3227a 25r.jpg
Folio 25v
MS 3227a 25v.jpg
Folio 26r
MS 3227a 26r.jpg
Folio 26v
MS 3227a 26v.jpg
Folio 27r
MS 3227a 27r.jpg
Folio 27v
MS 3227a 27v.jpg
Folio 28r
MS 3227a 28r.jpg
Folio 28v
MS 3227a 28v.jpg
Folio 29r
MS 3227a 29r.jpg
Folio 29v
MS 3227a 29v.jpg
Folio 30r
MS 3227a 30r.jpg
Folio 30v
MS 3227a 30v.jpg
Folio 30v
MS 3227a 31r.jpg
Folio 30v
MS 3227a 31v.jpg
Folio 32r
MS 3227a 32r.jpg
Folio 32v
MS 3227a 32v.jpg
Folio 33r
MS 3227a 33r.jpg
Folio 33v
MS 3227a 33v.jpg
Folio 34r
MS 3227a 34r.jpg
Folio 34v
MS 3227a 34v.jpg
Folio 35r
MS 3227a 35r.jpg
Folio 35v
MS 3227a 35v.jpg
Folio 36r
MS 3227a 36r.jpg
Folio 36v
MS 3227a 36v.jpg
Folio 37r
MS 3227a 37r.jpg
Folio 37v
MS 3227a 37v.jpg
Folio 38r
MS 3227a 38r.jpg
Folio 38v
MS 3227a 38v.jpg
Folio 30v
MS 3227a 39r.jpg
Folio 39v
MS 3227a 39v.jpg
Folio 40r
MS 3227a 40r.jpg
Folio 40v
MS 3227a 40v.jpg
Folio 30v
MS 3227a 41r.jpg
Folio 30v
MS 3227a 41v.jpg
Folio 30v
MS 3227a 42r.jpg
Folio 30v
MS 3227a 42v.jpg
Folio 43r
MS 3227a 43r.jpg
Folio 43v
MS 3227a 43v.jpg
Folio 44r
MS 3227a 44r.jpg
Folio 44v
MS 3227a 44v.jpg
Folio 45r
MS 3227a 45r.jpg
Folio 45v
MS 3227a 45v.jpg
Folio 46r
MS 3227a 46r.jpg
Folio 46v
MS 3227a 46v.jpg
Folio 47r
MS 3227a 47r.jpg
Folio 47v
MS 3227a 47v.jpg
Folio 48r
MS 3227a 48r.jpg
Folio 48v
MS 3227a 48v.jpg
Folio 49r
MS 3227a 49r.jpg
Folio 49v
MS 3227a 49v.jpg
Folio 50r
MS 3227a 50r.jpg
Folio 50v
MS 3227a 50v.jpg
Folio 51r
MS 3227a 51r.jpg
Folio 51v
MS 3227a 51v.jpg
Folio 52r
MS 3227a 52r.jpg
Folio 52v
MS 3227a 52v.jpg
Folio 53r
MS 3227a 53r.jpg
Folio 53v
MS 3227a 53v.jpg
Folio 54r
MS 3227a 54r.jpg
Folio 54v
MS 3227a 54v.jpg
Folio 55r
MS 3227a 55r.jpg
Folio 55v
MS 3227a 55v.jpg
Folio 56r
MS 3227a 56r.jpg
Folio 56v
MS 3227a 56v.jpg
Folio 57r
MS 3227a 57r.jpg
Folio 57v
MS 3227a 57v.jpg
Folio 58r
MS 3227a 58r.jpg
Folio 58v
MS 3227a 58v.jpg
Folio 59r
MS 3227a 59r.jpg
Folio 59v
MS 3227a 59v.jpg
Folio 60r
MS 3227a 60r.jpg
Folio 60v
MS 3227a 60v.jpg
Folio 61r
MS 3227a 61r.jpg
Folio 61v
MS 3227a 61v.jpg
Folio 62r
MS 3227a 62r.jpg
Folio 62v
MS 3227a 62v.jpg
Folio 63r
MS 3227a 63r.jpg
Folio 63v
MS 3227a 63v.jpg
Folio 64r
MS 3227a 64r.jpg
Folio 64v
MS 3227a 64v.jpg
Folio 65r
MS 3227a 65r.jpg
Folio 65v
MS 3227a 65v.jpg
Folio 66r
MS 3227a 66r.jpg
Folio 66v
MS 3227a 66v.jpg
Folio 67r
MS 3227a 67r.jpg
Folio 67v
MS 3227a 67v.jpg
Folio 68r
MS 3227a 68r.jpg
Folio 68v
MS 3227a 68v.jpg
Folio 69r
MS 3227a 69r.jpg
Folio 69v
MS 3227a 69v.jpg
Folio 70r
MS 3227a 70r.jpg
Folio 70v
MS 3227a 70v.jpg
Folio 71r
MS 3227a 71r.jpg
Folio 71v
MS 3227a 71v.jpg
Folio 72r
MS 3227a 72r.jpg
Folio 72v
MS 3227a 72v.jpg
Folio 73r
MS 3227a 73r.jpg
Folio 73v
MS 3227a 73v.jpg
Folio 74r
MS 3227a 74r.jpg
Folio 74v
MS 3227a 74v.jpg
Folio 75r
MS 3227a 75r.jpg
Folio 75v
MS 3227a 75v.jpg
Folio 76r
MS 3227a 76r.jpg
Folio 76v
MS 3227a 76v.jpg
Folio 77r
MS 3227a 77r.jpg
Folio 77v
MS 3227a 77v.jpg
Folio 78r
MS 3227a 78r.jpg
Folio 78v
MS 3227a 78v.jpg
Folio 79r
MS 3227a 79r.jpg
Folio 79v
MS 3227a 79v.jpg
Folio 80r
MS 3227a 80r.jpg
Folio 80v
MS 3227a 80v.jpg
Folio 81r
MS 3227a 81r.jpg
Folio 81v
MS 3227a 81v.jpg
Folio 82r
MS 3227a 82r.jpg
Folio 82v
MS 3227a 82v.jpg
Folio 83r
MS 3227a 83r.jpg
Folio 83v
MS 3227a 83v.jpg
Folio 84r
MS 3227a 84r.jpg
Folio 84v
MS 3227a 84v.jpg
Folio 85r
MS 3227a 85r.jpg
Folio 85v
MS 3227a 85v.jpg
Folio 86r
MS 3227a 86r.jpg
Folio 86v
MS 3227a 86v.jpg
Folio 87r
MS 3227a 87r.jpg
Folio 87v
MS 3227a 87v.jpg
Folio 88r
MS 3227a 88r.jpg
Folio 88v
MS 3227a 88v.jpg
Folio 89r
MS 3227a 89r.jpg
Folio 89v
MS 3227a 89v.jpg
Folio 90r
MS 3227a 90r.jpg
Folio 90v
MS 3227a 90v.jpg
Folio 91r
MS 3227a 91r.jpg
Folio 91v
MS 3227a 91v.jpg
Folio 92r
MS 3227a 92r.jpg
Folio 92v
MS 3227a 92v.jpg
Folio 93r
MS 3227a 93r.jpg
Folio 93v
MS 3227a 93v.jpg
Folio 94r
MS 3227a 94r.jpg
Folio 94v
MS 3227a 94v.jpg
Folio 95r
MS 3227a 95r.jpg
Folio 95v
MS 3227a 95v.jpg
Folio 96r
MS 3227a 96r.jpg
Folio 96v
MS 3227a 96v.jpg
Folio 97r
MS 3227a 97r.jpg
Folio 97v
MS 3227a 97v.jpg
Folio 98r
MS 3227a 98r.jpg
Folio 98v
MS 3227a 98v.jpg
Folio 99r
MS 3227a 99r.jpg
Folio 99v
MS 3227a 99v.jpg
Folio 100r
Folio 100v
Folio 101r
Folio 101v
Folio 102r
Folio 102v
Folio 103r
Folio 103v
Folio 104r
Folio 104v
Folio 105r
Folio 105v
Folio 106r
Folio 106v
Folio 107r
Folio 107v
Folio 108r
Folio 108v
Folio 109r
MS 3227a 109r.jpg
Folio 109v
MS 3227a 109v.jpg
Folio 110r
MS 3227a 110r.jpg
Folio 110v
MS 3227a 110v.jpg
Folio 111r
Folio 111v
Folio 112r
Folio 112v
Folio 113r
Folio 113v
MS 3227a 113v.jpg
Folio 114r
Folio 114v
Folio 115r
Folio 115v
Folio 116r
Folio 116v
Folio 117r
Folio 117v
Folio 118r
Folio 118v
Folio 119r
Folio 119v
MS 3227a 119v.jpg
Folio 120r
MS 3227a 120r.jpg
Folio 120v
Folio 121r
Folio 121v
Folio 122r
Folio 122v
Folio 123r
Folio 123v
Folio 124r
Folio 124v
Folio 125r
Folio 125v
Folio 126r
Folio 126v
Folio 127r
Folio 127v
Folio 128r
Folio 128v
Folio 129r
Folio 129v
Folio 130r
Folio 130v
Folio 130v
Folio 130v
Folio 132r
Folio 132v
Folio 133r
Folio 133v
Folio 134r
Folio 134v
Folio 135r
Folio 135v
Folio 136r
Folio 136v
Folio 137r
Folio 137v
Folio 138r
Folio 138v
Folio 130v
Folio 139v
Folio 140r
Folio 140v
Folio 130v
Folio 130v
Folio 130v
Folio 130v
Folio 143r
Folio 143v
Folio 144r
Folio 144v
Folio 145r
Folio 145v
Folio 146r
Folio 146v
Folio 147r
Folio 147v
Folio 148r
Folio 148v
Folio 149r
Folio 149v
Folio 150r
Folio 150v
Folio 151r
Folio 151v
Folio 152r
Folio 152v
Folio 153r
Folio 153v
Folio 154r
Folio 154v
Folio 155r
Folio 155v
Folio 156r
Folio 156v
Folio 157r
Folio 157v
Folio 158r
Folio 158v
Folio 159r
Folio 159v
Folio 160r
Folio 160v
Folio 161r
Folio 161v
Folio 162r
Folio 162v
Folio 163r
Folio 163v
Folio 164r
Folio 164v
Folio 165r
Folio 165v
Folio 166r
Folio 166v
Folio 167r
Folio 167v
Folio 168r
Folio 168v
Folio 169r
Folio 169v
Cover 3
Cover 4

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  1. The date of 1389 is based on the presence of a sort of "calendar" on folio 83v that begins in 1390, while 1532 the year its earliest known owner, Nicolaus Pol, died.
  2. The attribution to Döbringer is based on how prominently the name "Hanko pfaffen Döbringers" appears to be displayed on folio 43r, but upon examination this is revealed as a simple correction inserted in the margin, indicating that Döbringer's name had been accidentally omitted from the list of four authors of the treatise beginning on that page. Attributing this manuscript to Döbringer therefore requires him to have forgotten to include his own name in his own treatise.
  3. The manuscript uniformly lacks the traditional prayer for the dead when mentioning his name.
  4. This isn't a calendar in any conventional sense, but rather a simple list of the number of weeks between the holidays of Epiphany and Ash Wednesday in each of the years.
  5. Tobler, Christian Henry. "Chicken and Eggs: Which Master Came First?" In Saint George's Name: An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts. Wheaton, IL: Freelance Academy Press, 2010.
  6. Revision or stain.
  7. At this point, there is a cross-shaped marking spanning two lines whose meaning is unclear.
  8. Reading unclear.
  9. Bottom line difficult to decipher.
  10. Ehlert expands to ‘verumteman’. But compare 109r line 6.
  11. Single cross as metamark.

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Translation (5v, 67v) Ondrej Vodicka Wiktenauer
Translation (11r - 12r) Jeffrey Hull "Fight-Book Clues to the Quality and Build of Knightly Weaponry"
Transcription Dierk Hagedorn, Jeffrey Hull, Helmut Werner Klug, Ondrej Vodicka, et al. Index:Pol Hausbuch (MS 3227a)