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Hans Pegnitzer

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Hans Pegnitzer
Born date of birth unknown
Died before 1470 (?)
Occupation Fencing master
Nationality German
Movement Fellowship of Liechtenauer
Influences Johannes Liechtenauer
Language Early New High German

Hans Pegnitzer (Hanns Pägnüczer) was a 15th century German fencing master. His name signifies that he came from Pegnitz, a group of villages in Upper Franconia (Bavaria), or possibly another location along the Pegnitz river. Though no treatise explicitly authored by him is currently know to survive, his renown as a master was sufficient for Paulus Kal to include him in the list of members of the Fellowship of Liechtenauer in 1470.[1]

The name "Pegnitzer" appears once in an otherwise anonymous treatise reproduced by Joachim Meÿer in his Rostock manuscript,[2] which makes mention of one of his teachings on the use of the poleaxe. However, it is by no means certain that this refers to the same Pegnitzer master, let alone whether he was the author of any part of it.


Though no treatise by Pegnitzer is known to survive, the piece attributed to him by Meyer is given below.


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