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Hans Wilhelm Schöffer von Dietz

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Hans Wilhelm Schöffer von Dietz
Born 16th century
Dietz, Germany (?)
Died 17th century
Marburg, Germany (?)
Occupation Fencing master
Movement Freifechter
Genres Fencing manual
Language Early New High German
Notable work(s) Grůndtliche vñ eigentlichte Beschreibung
der Fechtkunst

Hans Wilhelm Schöffer von Dietz was a 17th century German Freifechter. The surname "Schöffer" indicates that he came from a Patrician family and may have even been a member of the nobility.[citation needed] In his youth, he seems to have spent time in Italy and studied at the fencing academy of Salvator Fabris, where he ultimately rose to the position of Vorfechter. After returning to his home, he went on to become fencing master at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, and later in his life he seems to have accepted an appointment to the Ritterakademie in Sorø, Denmark.[1]

In 1611, Schöffer wrote a two-volume treatise on fencing with the single rapier and with rapier and dagger (MS germ.qu.1190/1191), based on the teachings of Salvator Fabris. This treatise survives in several manuscripts and was ultimately published in 1620 as a single volume entitled Grůndtliche vñ eigentlichte Beschreibung der Fechtkunst ("A Thorough and Proper Description of the Art of Fencing"). More than a simple translation or plagiarism, the treatise represents considerable expansion and interpretation of the Italian master's art.


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