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Theodori Verolini

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Theodori Verolini
Born 17th century
Died after 1679
Occupation Fencing master
Movement Freifechter
Genres Fencing manual
Language New High German
Notable work(s) Der Kůnstliche Fechter (1679)

Theodori Verolini (Theodorus Verolinus) was a 17th century German Freifechter. Little is known about this master's life, but in 1679, he published a fencing manual entitled Der Kůnstliche Fechter ("The Artful Fencer"), a brief overview of the teachings of Joachim Meÿer, possibly via Jakob Sutor von Baden, in addition to the complete grappling teachings of Nicolaes Petter (uncredited in both cases).


The fourth book, on grappling, is laid out on the Nicolaes Petter page.

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  1. This is a typo and should be Figure C.
  2. This should be Figure F. Note that the fencer standing in Side-ward in this figure grips the ricasso with his right hand.
  3. 3.0 3.1 It is not unlikely that instead of starck (“strong”), strack (“straight”) was meant here.
  4. Iron-gate is not shown here (see also Meyer, 1570).
  5. Überzwerch is somewhat tricky to translate. It literally means “across” and thus indicates a movement or position crossing the centre line between the fighters. However, in some cases it could also be translated as “horizontal”. Here, we have chosen to consistenly translate as “across”.
  6. This is an error, and intended to refer to the G-C line on the cutting diagram.
  7. This is a typo and should be Figure E.
  8. Maybe also E.