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Glasgow Gloss Fragment

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Glasgow Gloss Fragment
Author(s) Unknown
Date 15th-16th century
Genre Fencing manual
Language Early New High German
MS E.1939.65.341 (1508)

The Dresden Gloss Fragment is an anonymous 15th or 16th century German commentary on a few lines of Johannes Liechtenauer's Recital (Zettel) on the short sword. The only known copy is in the manuscript E.1939.65.341 (known as the "Glasgow Fechtbuch"), and upon its completion segues into the Pseudo-Peter von Danzig gloss of the remainder of the Recital without break.


Additional Resources

The following is a list of publications containing scans, transcriptions, and translations relevant to this article, as well as published peer-reviewed research.



  1. zu dem schuß,” literally “to the shoot.” “Schuss/schiessen” with a spear means to throw it in other KdF texts.
  2. schews den vorschuß,” literally “shoot the before-shoot.”
  3. Kuck,” Kucken = to watch, look, peak, in northern German. Other sources have this as “zuck,” to jerk, twitch, etc.
  4. Lass for dein sper fallñ,” literally “let your spear fall before.”
  5. Nachen dich zu him,” literally “near yourself to him.”