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Hans Czynner

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Hans Czynner
Born date of birth unknown
Died date of death unknown
Occupation Fencing master (?)
Citizenship Passau, Germany (?)
Movement Liechtenauer tradition
Language Early New High German
Notable work(s) Über die Fechtkunst und den Ringkampf
Archetype(s) MS 963 (1538)
Signature Hans Czynner sig.jpg

Hans Czynner was a 16th century German fencing master, possibly from the city of Passau.[citation needed] Little is known about this master, but he seems to have been an initiate of, or at least familiar with, the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer. He authored a manuscript in 1538 entitled Über die Fechtkunst und den Ringkampf ("On the Art of Fencing and Wrestling"), which contained both his own teachings and several treatises by 15th century masters from the Fellowship of Liechtenauer.


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