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H. Beringer

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Here starts the good and true fencing mode of master H. Beringer, of blessed memory.

Young knight learn to love God and honor women. Practice knighthood and learn the thing that dignifies you, and serves you in wars. Glaive, wrestling, spear, sword and knife requires a righteous man’s hands and contain harm in other’s.

Wrath-Strike, Crook-Strike, Cross-Strike has Slant-Strike with Parting-Strike

The War Who strikes at you above, is threatened by Wrath-Strike’s point. If he becomes aware of it, take it off without danger. If you are stronger wind again and thrust. If he sees it, take it down. Draw, what is above from superiority, such ends the war.

Crook, do not strike short, the Changer lurks within. Crook, upwards fast, throw the point on the hands. Crook, who judges well, with steps will hurt many strikes. Crook, who confuses you, the noble war bewilders you. Cross receives what comes from the sky above. Cross to the point, take the throat/neck without fear. Slant in high above, if you want to impress him. The parting-strike with his turn, is a menace to the face.

Here are the precepts

Do you startle easily you will never learn to fight. Inbetween, Before and After, those two things are all things origin. Inbetween, Before and After without rush do not be after the War. What the War intends above, below he will be embarrassed. Hear what is bad, do not fence left if you are a righty, and as a lefty with the right, listen you will limp. I say truly, no man will guard himself without danger. If you remarked it, he will not come to any strikes.

Of the Hangings Two hang down – of both hands – up from the earth. Who withdraws before you, strike quickly so that he snorts. Strike to the {sides|flutes} if you want to play a trick on the master. Strike to the Plough, join firmly to the Ox. Who follows the strikes, cannot have joy in the art. Strike what you want, no Changer will reach your shield. Four are the Displacements, which hurts the Guards sore. Set on the four Ends, stay on it if you want to end. Of displacing beware, if it happens, it will troubles you much. If it happens, how it happens, hear what I advise, sweep off, quick, strike with a step.

Thereafter-Riding learn, step forward and cut into the weapon/defense. Speaking-Window do, stand steady, observe his doing, without any danger, how much remorse he bears. In all Winding strikes, thrusts, and cuts learn to find. That is to remark above, if the guards are soft or hard. Jerk/redraw, if he jerks, jerk – more – work he will find, the step into. Change two times, the old cut do with it. Who wields the Miss from below, will hit wherever he wants. Twotimes forward, step into your guard and do not be lazy. If it comes that it glistens above, I happily praise stand-off. Who thrusts at you, his point with the defense meet and break. I you want to avenge yourself, four openings break artfully: above double, below mutate. If you know (to use) the four openings, you beat him for sure.

Let the point hang low, grab the pommel, if you want to wrestle. Four are the cuts, two below and with them two above.

And this is the end of the art.