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Ott Jud

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Ott Jud
Born date of birth unknown
Died between 1443(?) and 1452
Occupation Wrestling master
Ethnicity Jewish
Patron princes of Austria
Movement Fellowship of Liechtenauer
Genres Wrestling manual
Language Early New High German
First Printed
English Edition
Tobler, 2010
Concordance by Michael Chidester

Ott Jud was a 15th century German wrestling master. His name signifies that he was a Jew, and several of the versions of his treatise state that he was baptized Christian.[1] Paulus Kal describes him as the wrestling master to the princes of Austria, and names him as a member of the Fellowship of Liechtenauer in 1470.[2] While Ott's precise lifetime is uncertain, he may have still been alive when Hans Talhoffer created the Gotha version of his manual in 1443, but seems to have died some time before the creation of the Rome version in 1452.[3]

Ott's treatise on grappling is repeated throughout all of the early German treatise compilations and seems to have become the dominant work on the subject within the Liechtenauer tradition.


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  1. The Gotha, Augsburg, Vienna, and Glasgow versions all use the term tauffter Jud, "baptized Jew".
  2. The Fellowship of Liechtenauer is recorded in three versions of Paulus Kal's treatise: MS 1825 (1460s), Cgm 1570 (ca. 1470), and MS KK5126 (1480s).
  3. His name lacks the traditional blessing on the dead in Talhoffer, but receives it in Codex Danzig (see folio 100v).