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Modern historical European martial arts reconstruction is founded on the study of so-called fencing manuals. While most regions of the world have produced a few martial arts treatises over the centuries, the European treatise tradition far exceeded any other in both its complexity and its sheer volume: well over a hundred and fifty distinct manuscripts and hundreds more printed works survive from the Medieval and Early Modern time periods. In some sense, the practice of writing fencing treatises continues to this day in the form of books on the use of firearms and other small sidearms, as well as texts on Olympic fencing and other forms of sport combat.

These texts are generally not manuals as the modern audience understands the genre; rather than offering step-by-step instructions on fighting, they are more often general treatises on a variety of martial subjects, and even those treatises that include details and illustrations of specific techniques generally fail to present a set of instructions that a reader can easily follow. Reconstructing the historical European martial arts thus involves consulting a variety of different types of literature in order to arrive at a well-rounded understanding of their content, including fencing treatises, wrestling treatises, and books of military strategy.

The history of the fencing manual is tied to some extent to the history of books themselves. Until the mid-15th century, all books were laboriously copied by hand; we call these books manuscripts, which literally means "hand-written". These were rare and expensive through most of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, requiring expensive materials like leather (tanned animal skin) and parchment (dried animal skin) and often lavishly painted and gilded. Many craftsmen were required to create a single manuscript, including parchmenters to create the pages, scribes to add the words, artists and gilders to decorate the initial letter and add illustrations, binders to put the finished pages together, and tanners and smiths to create the material used in the covers. Each manuscript is thus a unique work of art, and even copies of the same text by the same manuscript shop will be different from each other.

This started to change in the 14th century, when the paper revolution drove down the cost of manuscripts and made it possible for any prosperous worker to own a few. The print revolution followed soon after: woodblock and copperplate prints became common by the middle of the 15th century, and beginning in the 1450s, books printed using moveable type began to appear in Europe. Both of these technologies were intended as labor-saving devices in the production of manuscripts: movable type to speed up the process of copying texts and prints to speed up the process of outlining illustrations. All of the saved effort could then be devoted to painting and beautifying the books. Early printed books are called incunables (or incunabula), which means "cradle".

The 16th century is when we see the modern concept of the book emerge. Incunables are often indistinguishable from manuscripts, with type based on popular calligraphy and decorated by the same artisans who worked on manuscripts. But in 1501, Venetian printers realized that a lot of buyers didn't care about the decorations, and began printing low-budget, small-format books with little decoration and with a new "italic" font designed to fit more words per page; other books began to be produced with bare, unpainted prints.

This development in Venice may have only been symbolic of larger shifts in the new printing industry, but the year makes it a convenient cutoff point in the history of books. Only books prior to 1501 are considered incunables, though sometimes books from the early 16th century made in the fashion of incunables are called "post-incunabula".

Types of books

For ease of reference, Wiktenauer divides the corpus of Western martial arts literature into six basic genres. A few texts defy categorization under this system, such as Paulus Hector Mair's Geschlechterbuch, but these distinctions are generally quite useful.

Commonplace book

A commonplace book (or Hausbuch) is essentially a scrapbook, usually made by a wealthy individual. In the late Middle Ages, they were created as repositories of miscellaneous items and information that the owner considered significant, including medical recipes, quotations, letters, poems, tables of weights and measures, proverbs, prayers, and legal formulas. Each commonplace book was a unique work reflecting its creator's hobbies and interests. Some of these books, such as the Pol Hausbuch (MS 3227a), therefore included copies of martial arts treatises that passed through their owner's hands.

Fencing book

Fencing book (or Fechtbuch) is a catch-all term for treatises on armed combat. Medieval fencing treatises tended to be compilation works, manuscripts that included a variety of distinct treatises by different authors. Treatises by a single author, such as Fiore de'i Liberi's treatise Fior di Battaglia, or on a single weapon, such as Le Jeu de la Hache, were less common in this period. Many manuscripts of the 1500s draw on the same small pool of common treatises, which they combine in various ways. This tradition reached its pinnacle in the mammoth 1,200-page compilations that Paulus Hector Mair commissioned in the 1540s. In the Renaissance period, and especially as printing became more common, this emphasis changed and fencing masters began preparing and personally publishing more extensive treatises on a variety of different weapons. Some, such as Salvator Fabris, devoted massive volumes to the use of a single weapon.

Picture book

A number of picture books, such as sketchbooks or albums, created by talented artists survive from the Medieval and Renaissance time periods. These artists, including such masters as Albrecht Dürer and Maarten van Heemskerck, generally drew fencers and wrestlers as studies in human anatomy. Because of this, they offer unique insight into the physical positions and movements of the art, providing a useful counterpoint to the large number of text-only fencing treatises. Some of these works were created as draftbooks for later complete fencing treatises.

Tournament book

A tourmanent book (or Turnierbuch) is generally a record of a specific tournament that occurred. Aside from being interesting glimpses into the sportive side of historical European martial arts in period, tournament books are also useful for their depictions of authentic arms and armor.

War book

War book (or Kriegsbücher) are useful texts for understanding the methods and theory behind warfare in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Many compilation fencing treatises from the 15th and 16th centuries also include excerpts from war books such as Konrad Kyeser's famous work Bellifortis or Flavius Vegetius Renatus' De Re Militari. Siege warfare was an especially popular subject in this genre.

Wrestling book

The wrestling book (or Ringbuch) can be seen as a subset of the fencing treatise genre. Most 15th century martial arts manuscripts include at least one wrestling treatise, but wrestling was often seen as an aspect of armed combat and not a separate discipline. It isn't until later in the Renaissance that books devoted exclusively to wrestling and other unarmed techniques appeared in increasing numbers.

Note that these dates are approximate in many cases. More specific information about the dates of treatises can be found on their respective pages.

Manuscript treatises

0100sOxyrhynchus Papyrus 466MS P.Oxy.Ⅲ.466Oxyrhynchus Papyrus (MS P.Oxy.III.466)
1320sWalpurgis FechtbuchFECHT1Walpurgis Fechtbuch (MS I.33)
1400sPol HausbuchMS 3227aPol Hausbuch (MS 3227a)
1400sTrattato della schermaMS M.0383Tratt‍ato della sch‍erma (MS M.383)
1404Il Fior di BattagliaMS Ludwig ⅩⅤ 13Fior di Battaglia (MS Ludwig XV 13)
1409Flos DuellatorumPisani Dossi MSFlos Duellatorum (Pisani Dossi MS)
1410-30Florius de Arte LuctandiMS Latin 11269Florius de Arte Luctandi (MS Latin 11269)
1416-1444Modus DimicandiMS G.B.f.18aModus Dimicandi (MS G.B.f.18a)
1420Die Blume des KampfesCod.5278Die Blume des Kampfes (Cod.5278)
1420s/1470sBauman FechtbuchCod.Ⅰ.6.4º.2Bauman Fechtbuch (Cod.I.6.4º.2)
1424Hec Sunt Guardiae in Dimicatione VidelicetMS 01020Hec Sunt Guardiae in Dimicatione Videlicet (MS 01020)
1430sGladiatoriaMS U860.F46 1450Gladiatoria (MS U860.F46 1450)
1430sGladiatoriaMS KK5013Gladiatoria (MS KK5013)
1438Livro da enssynança de bem cavalgar toda selaMS Portugais 5Bem cavalgar (MS Portugais 5)
1440Man yt WolMS Harley 3542Man yt Wol (MS Harley 3542)
1440sGladiatoriaMS germ. quart. 16Gladiatoria (MS Germ.Quart.16)
1440sCodex 11093Cod.11093Wiener Fechtbuch (Cod.11093)
1443-1448Talhoffer FechtbuchMS Chart.A.558Talhoffer Fechtbuch (MS Chart.A.558)
1446-1459Talhoffer FechtbuchMS ⅩⅨ.17-3Talhoffer Fechtbuch (MS XIX.17-3)
1450-1465Cotton MS Titus A ⅹⅹⅴCotton MS Titus A XXV
1450sTalhoffer FechtbuchMS 78.A.15Talhoffer Fechtbuch (MS 78.A.15)
1452Starhemberg FechtbuchCod.44.A.8Starhemberg Fechtbuch (Cod.44.A.8)
1459Talhoffer FechtbuchMS Thott.290.2ºTalhoffer Fechtbuch (MS Thott.290.2º)
1460The Poem of the PelMS 243Knyghthode and Bataile (MS.243)
1460-1480Paulus Kal FechtbuchMS 1825Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (MS 1825)
1460-85Le Jeu de la HacheMS Français 1996Le Jeu de la Hache (MS Français 1996)
1460sCodex LewCod.Ⅰ.6.4º.3Codex Lew (Cod.I.6.4º.3)
1462/1493Schwabenspiegel CodexCgm 558Schwabenspiegel Codex (Cgm 558)
1465-1480Wolfenbüttel Picture BookCod.Guelf.78.2.Aug.2ºWolfenbüttel Picture Book (Cod.Guelf.78.2 Aug.2º)
1467Talhoffer FechtbuchCod.icon. 394aTalhoffer Fechtbuch (Cod.icon. 394a)
1469-1474Debrecener RingbuchMS R.605Debrecener Ringbuch (MS R.605)
1470Paulus Kal FechtbuchCgm 1507Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (Cgm 1507)
1470-1500Paulus Kal FechtbuchPaulus Kal Fechtbuch (M.A.M. Kal MS)
1473-1503Paulus Kal FechtbuchMS Chart.B.1021Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (MS Chart.B.1021)
1475-1515Ortenburg FechtbuchLocation unknownOrtenburg Fechtbuch
1478Kunst des MesserfechtensCod.Pal.germ.430Kunst des Messerfechtens (Cod.Pal.Germ.430)
1479Die Meisterlieder des Hans FolzMS Q.566Die Meisterlieder des Hans Folz (MS Q.566)
1480-1500Ambraser CodexMS KK5342Ambraser Codex (MS KK5342)
1480sPaulus Kal FechtbuchMS KK5126Paulus Kal Fechtbuch (MS KK5126)
1480s-1500sCluny FechtbuchMS Cl. 23842Cluny Fechtbuch (Cl. 23842)
1482Kunst des MesserfechtensCgm 582Kunst des Messerfechtens (Cgm 582)
1482-1487De Arte Gladiatoria DimicandiMS Vitt.Em.1324De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi (MS Vitt.Em.1324)
1491Codex SpeyerMS M.Ⅰ.29Codex Speyer (MS M.I.29)
1492De la Palestraalfa.T.7.25De la Palestra (alfa.T.7.25)
1495Meister peter falkners kunste Zu Ritterlicher WereMS KK5012Kunste Zu Ritterlicher Were (MS KK5012)
1500Kölner FechtregelnMS Best.7020 (W*)150Kölner Fechtregeln (MS Best.7020 (W*)150)
1500The Poem of the PelAshmole MS 45 ⅡKnyghthode and Bataile (Ashmole MS 45 II)
1500The Poem of the PelCotton MS Titus A ⅹⅹⅲKnyghthode and Bataile (Cotton MS Titus A XXIII)
1500Falkner TurnierbuchFalkner Turnierbuch
1500Ludwig von Eyb KriegsbuchMS B.26Eyb Kriegsbuch (MS B.26)
1500Pirckheimer's FechtbuchPirckh. Papp. 353Pirckheimer's Fechtbuch (Pirckh.Papp.353)
1500-1510Paulus Kal FechtbuchPaulus Kal Fechtbuch (Günther MS)
1500/1552/1566Hans Medel FechtbuchCod.Ⅰ.6.2º.5Hans Medel Fechtbuch (Cod.I.6.2º.5)
1500sAnonimo RiccardianoMS Ricc.2541Anonimo Riccardiano (MS Ricc.2541)
1500sTalhoffer FechtbuchMS 26.236Talhoffer Fechtbuch (MS 26.236)
1500sTalhoffer FechtbuchCod.Ser.Nov.2978Talhoffer Fechtbuch (Cod.Ser.Nov.2978)
1500sFechtbuchleinnCod.Guelf.1074.NoviFechtbuchleinn (Cod.Guelf.1074.Novi)
1504-1519Johan Liechtnawers Fechtbuch geschriebennMS Dresd.C.487Johan Liechtnawers Fechtbuch geschriebenn (MS Dresd.C.487)
1506-1514Das Solothurner FechtbuchCod.S.554Solothurner Fechtbuch (Cod.S.554)
1508Glasgow FechtbuchMS E.1939.65.341Glasgow Fechtbuch (MS E.1939.65.341)
1509Libro del exercicio de las armasMS a.Ⅳ.23Libro del exercicio de las armas (MS a.IV.23)
1510sAnonimo BologneseMSS Ravenna M-345/346Anonimo Bolognese (MSS Ravenna M-345/M-346)
1512Oplodidaskalia sive Armorvm Tractandorvm Meditatio Alberti DvreriMS 26-232Οπλοδιδασκαλια sive Armorvm Tractandorvm Meditatio Alberti Dvreri (MS 26-232)
1512Berlin Picture BookLibr.Pict.A83Berlin Picture Book (Libr.Pict.A.83)
1512Albrecht Dürers FechtbuchSloane MS No.5229Albrecht Dürers Fechtbuch (Sloane MS No.5229)
1515-19Ein Hausbuch des mittelalterlichen WissensBJ Rkp. Przyb. 35/64Ein Hausbuch des mittelalterlichen Wissens (BJ Rkp. Przyb. 35/64)
1520sVechtboekMS BPL.3281Vechtboek (MS BPL.3281)
1522Jörg Wilhalm Hutters kunst zu AugspurgCod.Ⅰ.6.4º.5Jörg Wilhalm Hutters kunst zu Augspurg (Cod.I.6.4º.5)
1522Jörg Wilhalm Hutters kunst zu AugspurgCod.Ⅰ.6.2º.3Jörg Wilhalm Hutters kunst zu Augspurg (Cod.I.6.2º.3)
1523Jörg Wilhalm Hutters kunst zu AugspurgCgm 3711Jörg Wilhalm Hutters kunst zu Augspurg (Cgm 3711)
1523/1564Wilhalm/Sollinger FechtbuchCod.Ⅰ.6.2º.2Wilhalm/Sollinger Fechtbuch (Cod.I.6.2º.2)
1524Liber QuodlibetariusMS B.200Liber Quodlibetarius (MS B.200)
1528Las nueve reglas de la espada de dos manoMS 2790Las nueve reglas de la espada de dos mano (MS 2790)
1530-1545Jörg Breu's DraftbookCod.Ⅰ.6.2º.4Jörg Breu Draftbook (Cod.I.6.2º.4)
1533Gregor Erhart FechtbuchMS E.1939.65.354Gregor Erhart Fechtbuch (MS E.1939.65.354)
1535-1540Goliath FechtbuchMS germ. quart. 2020Goliath Fechtbuch (MS Germ.Quart.2020)
1535-1550Ledall RollAdditional MS 39564Ledall Roll (Additional MS 39564)
1538Über die Fechtkunst und den RingkampfMS 963Über die Fechtkunst und den Ringkampf (MS 963)
1539Ringer Kunst2º Col.MS.Philos.62Ringer Kunst (2º Col.MS.Philos.62)
1539Wassmannsdorff's FechtbuchLocation unknownWassmannsdorff's Fechtbuch
1539-1569Monomachia ovvero Arte di SchermaMS Ⅱ.ⅲ.315Monomachia ovvero Arte di Scherma (MS II.iii.315)
1539-1569Monomachia ovvero Arte di SchermaMS L.V.23Monomachia ovvero Arte di Scherma (MS L.V.23)
1542Opus Amplissimum de Arte AthleticaMSS Dresd.C.93/C.94Opus Amplissimum de Arte Athletica (MSS Dresd.C.93/C.94)
1548Opus Amplissimum de Arte AthleticaCod.icon. 393Opus Amplissimum de Arte Athletica (Cod.icon. 393)
1550sCodex AmbergerCodex Amberger
1550sOpus Amplissimum de Arte AthleticaCod.10825/10826Opus Amplissimum de Arte Athletica (Cod.10825/10826)
1553 (1540s)Rast FechtbuchReichsstadt "Schätze" Nr. 82Rast Fechtbuch (Reichsstadt "Schätze" Nr. 82)
1556Maister Liechtenawers KunstbuechCgm 3712Maister Liechtenawers Kunstbuech (Cgm 3712)
1561Talhoffer FechtbuchCod.Ⅰ.6.2º.1Talhoffer Fechtbuch (Cod.I.6.2º.1)
1561Joachim Meyers FechtbuchMS Bibl. 2465Joachim Meyers Fechtbuch (MS Bibl. 2465)
1562Hans Endter FechtbuchLocation unknownHans Endter Fechtbuch
1563Las reglas del montanteCCPB000152417-8Las reglas del montante (CCPB000152417-8)
1563-68Joachim Meyers FäktbokMS A.4º.2Joachim Meyers Fäktbok (MS A.4º.2)
1567Trattato d'uno SchermoCod.10723Trattato d'uno Schermo (Cod.10723)
1570Fechtbuch zu Ross und zu FussMS Var.82Fechtbuch zu Ross und zu Fuss (MS Var.82)
1570-1600ΙπποκομικηMS Md 24Ιπποκομικη (MS Md 24)
1573Hugold Behr's FechtbuchMS Var.83Hugold Behr's Fechtbuch (MS Var.83)
1579Sciomachia et hoplomachiaMS Dresd.C.15Sciomachia et hoplomachia (MS Dresd.C.15)
1580Sobre el arte de la esgrimaMS Ⅱ/1579(2)Sobre el arte de la esgrima (MS II/1579(2))
1580Modo di cacciare mano all spadaMS Italien 959Modo di cacciare mano all spada (MS Italien 959)
1580sNobilissimo discorso intorno il schermoMS Italien 1527Nobilissimo discorso intorno il schermo (MS Italien 1527)
1588Künnst zu fechten vonn dem Lienhartt SollingerCod.Guelf.38.21.Aug.2ºKünnst zu fechten vonn dem Lienhartt Sollinger (Cod.Guelf.38.21 Aug.2º)
1591Das Ander Theil Des Newen Kůnstreichen FechtbůchesCod.Guelf.83.4.Aug.8ºDas Ander Theil Des Newen Kůnstreichen Fechtbůches (Cod.Guelf.83.4 Aug.8º)
1593Verzeichnis etlicher Stücke des Fechtens im RapierMS Germ.Fol.1476Verzeichnis etlicher Stücke des Fechtens im Rapier (MS Germ.Fol.1476)
1595SchermkunstVAULT Case MS Fol.U.423.792Schermkunst (VAULT Case MS Fol.U.423.792)
1599Arte de EsgrimaMS PBA 58Arte de Esgrima (MS PBA 58)
1599Paradoxes of DefenceAdditional MS 34192Paradoxes of Defence (Additional MS 34192)
1600Additional MS 23223Additional MS 23223
1600Discorso del Gioco di SpadaMS Urb.lat.1231Discorso del Gioco di Spada (MS Urb.lat.1231)
1600Reit und TurnierbuchMS KK5247Reit und Turnierbuch (MS KK5247)
1600Discorso sopra l'arte della schermaMS 14/10Discorso sopra l'arte della scherma (MS 14.10)
1600Confectbuch von Abrichtung vollständiges TurnierbuchCod.Guelf.1.6.3 Aug.2ºConfectbuch von Abrichtung vollständiges Turnierbuch (Cod.Guelf.1.6.3 Aug.2º)
1600Lectiones auf das Einfachen rappier4º MS Math.38Lectiones auf das Einfachen rappier (4º MS Math.38)
1600Confectbuch von Abrichtung vollständiges TurnierbuchCod.Guelf.5 BlankConfectbuch von Abrichtung vollständiges Turnierbuch (Cod.Guelf.5 Blank)
1600-1609La Scientia della SpadaMS KB.73.J.38La Scientia della Spada (MS KB.73.J.38)
1600-1620Oplodidaskalia sive Armorvm Tractandorvm Meditatio Alberti DvreriLocation unknownOplodidaskalia sive Armorvm Tractandorvm Meditatio Alberti Dvreri (Cod.1246)
1600-20Figures nues, positions d'escrime à l'épéeMS 17Figures nues, positions d'escrime à l'épée (MS 17)
1600sItaliänische FechtkunstMS Dresd.C.91Italiänische Fechtkunst (MS Dresd.C.91)
1600sTalhoffer Sammelhandschrift2° MS iurid. 29Talhoffer Sammelhandschrift (2º MS iurid. 29)
1600sTalhoffer FechtbuchCod.Guelf.125.16.Extrav.Talhoffer Fechtbuch (Cod.Guelf.125.16.Extrav.)
1600sTalhoffer Fechtbuch2º Col. MS. philos. 61Talhoffer Fechtbuch (2º Col.MS.Philos.61)
1601Scientia e Prattica dell'ArmeGKS 1868 kvartScientia e Prattica dell'Arme (GI.kgl.Saml.1868.4040)
1602-1608Cort Bevvijs' Van t'Rapier alleenMS KB.72.F.37Cort Bevvijs' Van t'Rapier alleen (MS KB.72.F.37)
1605Bref Instructions vpõ My Pradoxes of DefenceSloane MS No.376Bref Instructions vpõ My Pradoxes of Defence (Sloane MS No.376)
1609Cabinet d'escrime de l'espee et poingnardtMS KB.73.J.39Cabinet d'escrime de l'espee et poingnardt (MS KB.73.J.39)
1610Discours de la théorie de la pratique et de l’excellence des armesMS E.1939.65.435Discours de la théorie de la pratique et de l’excellence des armes (MS E.1939.65.435)
1610sTraite des armesMS E.1939.65.359Traite des armes (MS E.1939.65.359)
1610sTraite des armesMS E.1939.65.360Traite des armes (MS E.1939.65.360)
1610sTraite des armesMS X.911Traite des armes (MS X.911)
1611Fechtbuch des einfachen RapiersMS germ.qu.1190/1191Fechtbuch des einfachen Rapiers (MS germ.qu.1190/1191)
1611-19Eigentliche Beschreibung des Fechtens ihm einfachen RappirMS Var.7Eigentliche Beschreibung des Fechtens ihm einfachen Rappir (MS Var.7)
1614Della SchermaMS 381Della Scherma (MS 381)
1619Eigentliche beschreibung des fechtens ihm Einfachen RappirMS E.ö.Ⅴ.36Eigentliche beschreibung des fechtens ihm Einfachen Rappir (MS E.ö.V.36)
1620Anweisung zur Fechtkunst4º MS Math.2Anweisung zur Fechtkunst (4º MS Math.2)
1620Schöffer Addenda8 ARS MIL 1090/61Schöffer Addenda (8 ARS MIL 1090/61)
1620sLas cien conclusiones de la destreza de las armasMS Phill.1941Las cien conclusiones de la destreza de las armas (MS Phill.1941)
1623Discours des armesMS 66S230Discours des armes (MS 66S230)
1623Die Blume des KampfesCod.10799Bũech von fechter Vnnd Ringstückhen zũ Ross vnnd Fuoß (Cod.10799)
1623FechtbuchMS 62Fechtbuch (MS 62)
1625Compendio y Philosophia y destreza de las ArmasMS R4-B274Compendio y Philosophia y Dztreza de las Armas (MS R4-B274)
1628Oplosophia e Verdadeira Destreza das ArmasMS Vermelho.nº.91Oplosophia e Verdadeira Destreza das Armas (MS Vermelho.nº.91)
1629Compendio e discorso di tutto quello, in che consiste la virtù delle spadaCod.10784Compendio e discorso di tutto quello (Cod.10784)
1632Etliche General Regeln undt ObservationesMS Mil. IV 30Etliche General Regeln undt Observationes (MS Mil. IV 30)
1635Fechtkunst aus dem ItalienischenMS Dresd.C.94aFechtkunst aus dem Italienischen (MS Dresd.C.94a)
1640Sobre la Destreza de las ArmasMS E.1939.65.398Sobre la destreza de las armas (MS E.1939.65.398)
1650-1700Three treatises on the art of fencingAdd MS 17533Three treatises on the art of fencing (Add MS 17533)
1651Memorial Da Prattica do MontanteMS 49.Ⅲ.20.nº.21Memorial Da Prattica do Montante (MS 49.III.20.nº.21)
1657Fechtbuch eines ungenannten StudentenCod.Guelf.264.23.Extrav.Fechtbuch eines ungenannten Studenten (Cod.Guelf.264.23.Extrav.)
1662Phrases ex variis autoribus quam studiosissimi collectaeMS Chart.B.2117Phrases ex variis autoribus quam studiosissimi collectae (MS Chart.B.2117)
1670Traité d'escrime à pied et à chevalMS Français 1236Traité d'escrime à pied et à cheval (MS Français 1236)
1671Eigentliche Beschreibung des StoßfechtensMS Dresd.C.13Eigentliche Beschreibung des Stoßfechtens (MS Dresd.C.13)
1675-1700Libro intitulado defensa de la berdadera destreça de las armasM 1-3-3Defensa de la berdadera destreça de las armas (M 1-3-3)
1675-1700Lições de MarteMS 49.Ⅲ.6Lições de Marte (MS 49.III.6)
1676Truthe of the SwordeMS Harley 4206Truthe of the Sworde (MS Harley 4206)
1676Mathematical Demonstration of the SordeMS Harley 5219Mathematical Demonstration of the Sorde (MS Harley 5219)
1677Veldens Fecht-BuchHDW FAB 1677Veldens Fecht-Buch (HDW FAB 1677)
1679-1681Compendio di SchermaCod.256Compendio di Scherma (Cod.256)
1699Il Fior di BattagliaMS ⅩⅩⅣFior di Battaglia (MS XXIV)
1700sTalhoffer FechtbuchMS 014Talhoffer Fechtbuch (MS 014)
1727Reglas para La Destreza de Las ArmasMS E.1939.65.597Reglas para La Destreza de Las Armas (MS E.1939.65.597)
1731Anweisung zum FechtenFol 351 [c]Anweisung zum Fechten (Fol 351 (c))
1731-1755Die Adeliche und Ritterliche FechtkunstMS Best.7010 (W*)289Die Adeliche und Ritterliche Fechtkunst (MS Best.7010 W*289)
1733Die Adeliche und Ritterliche FechtkunstMS Germ.Oct.227Die Adeliche und Ritterliche Fechtkunst (MS Germ. Oct. 227)
1749L'exercice des armesMS E.1939.65.488L'exercice des armes (MS E.1939.65.488)
1750Anfangsgründe der FechtkunstMS B.215Anfangsgründe der Fechtkunst (MS B.215)
1763Tableau de l'académie d'armesCod.Ⅰ.6.2º.6Tableau de l'académie d'armes (Cod.I.6.2º.6)
1801-1940Bref instructions upon my Paradoxes of defenceMS 1086Bref instructions upon my Paradoxes of defence (MS 1086)
1820Talhoffer FechtbuchCod.icon. 394Talhoffer Fechtbuch (Cod.icon. 394)
1820Talhoffer FechtbuchCod.icon. 395Talhoffer Fechtbuch (Cod.icon. 395)
1838Reit und TurnierbuchMS 23.279Reit und Turnierbuch (MS 23.279)

Other relevant manuscripts

1400Arzneibuch, kunsttechnische und HausrezepteCgm 824Arzneibuch, kunsttechnische und Hausrezepte (Cgm 824)
1430Kunst und WunderbuchCod.Pal.lat.1888Kunst und Wunderbuch (Cod.Pal.lat.1888)
1437Sammelhandschrift zur KriegskunstCod.3062Sammelhandschrift zur Kriegskunst (Cod.3062)
1506-1511Marx TurnierbuchCgm 1930Marx Turnierbuch (Cgm 1930)
1511Turnierbuch RitterspieleCod.icon. 398Turnierbuch Ritterspiele (Cod.icon. 398)
1519Ludwig von Eyb TurnierbuchCgm 961Eyb Turnierbuch (Cgm 961)
1529Burgkmair TurnierbuchLocation unknownBurgkmair Turnierbuch (Wittelsbach MS)
1537Thůrnẙer und ScharpfrennenCod.I.6.4º.1Thůrnẙer und Scharpfrennen (Cod.I.6.4º.1)
1540Burgkmair TurnierbuchCod.icon. 403Burgkmair Turnierbuch (Cod.icon. 403)
1544Lamberger TurnierbuchCod.A.2290Lamberger Turnierbuch (Cod.A.2290)
1548Geschlechterbuch der Stadt AugsburgCod.icon. 312bGeschlechterbuch der Stadt Augsburg (Cod.icon. 312b)
1550-1650Nuremberg TurnierbuchMS 22.229Nuremberg Turnierbuch (MS 22.229)
1553Burgkmair TurnierbuchLocation unknownBurgkmair Turnierbuch (Hohenzollern Sigmaringen MS)
1560Tournament BookMS Ludwig ⅩⅤ 14Tournament Book (MS Ludwig XV 14)
1570Kriegsbuch u.a. Über Schützen- und TurnierwesenMS B.213Kriegsbuch u.a. Über Schützen- und Turnierwesen (MS B.213)
1630Einige Figuren von Fus-Thurnieren2º MS Math.7Einige Figuren von Fus-Thurnieren (2º MS Math.7)